Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Susan and Gary Eby's Spiritual Blog

This blog is about our personal journey to Spirit. There are many paths to the Divine and all of them are relevant. Your path may be very different from ours, but it is precious and personal.

This is not a blog telling you what you must do to become your highest self.  This blog is about how we are finding our Divine Self.  With so much conflict between religions, we felt obligated to offer our experiences. You may find some of our practices are appealing (or not).  The point is, we are going to share our spiritual journey with you.  In whatever way you start, or continue, your journey is important.... in fact, we believe our spiritual life is the most challenging, precious, and humbling experience we've ever had.

So, read our ideas with an open mind and an open heart.  You may find something you like.  You may even find the Source of All, which is God.

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With you always in Spirit, Gary and Susan

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