Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Virtual Book and Blog Tour September 2017

Pump Up Your Book Presents Reflections: A Journey to God Virtual Book Publicity Tour


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Inside the Book

Author: Gary & Susan Eby
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Pages: 268
Genre: Spirituality/Self-Help/Healing/Poetry
Our disclaimer: you are completely free to reject everything we have to say about spirituality. What we believe in is not that important. What really counts is what you believe that gives your life meaning, direction, and purpose.

This book is about our personal stories with Spirit and what we’ve learned along our journeys. We’re sharing it with you because it might help you on your own journey to God. We only ask that you read this book with an open mind and heart.

We suggest you pick one of these spiritual essays. Ponder it, meditate for a while, even read it out loud. Allow yourself to feel the words and the light, which may lead you to discover the better life you truly deserve.


Gary Eby is a retired social worker, mental health counselor and addiction therapist. He writes about self-help and spirituality. Gary loves playing the piano, the drums and walking on the beach with his wife, Susan. His motto is “Choose the positive, because it’s all good!”

Susan studied philosophy in college. Some of her favorite philosophers are Socrates, Plato, William James and St. Thomas Aquinas. She is currently enjoying Emerson’s mystical essays. We have conducted interviews with them.

Sending Peace, Light, Joy and Love to all:  Gary and Susan Eby.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Taking Serenity Breaks

Clearly there has been considerable turmoil and conflict in America.  In addition, I have been feeling overwhelmed and stressed out from a multiplicity of factors.  It's like I am a ninja encircled by my enemies who are attacking me from all sides.  In other words, think of something that has been causing you a lot of anxiety and grief lately; multiply that by ten and you can more fully appreciate what I have been going through. 

The good news is that I truly believe suffering does not represent a normal state of being. As I try my best to walk a spiritual path, I have learned many ways to gain relief and solace from the maladies of living this physical experience. Along these lines, I would like to discuss five ways to take a break, restore balance, become more grounded, and reconnect with the power of the Sun beyond all the storms and troubled waters. 

Are you ready to take that break today? I sure am. I call this process "Taking Serenity Breaks".

#1. Contemplate the nature of the Divine. I see the Divine in sunsets and sunrises - such heartfelt colors and shimmering ribbons of light.  Wasn't the recent and total solar eclipse breathtaking too? I feel the presence of the Divine - Source of all Life, Beauty, Love, and Consciousness, in the vastness of the oceans, and in the twinkling glow of the stars at night. How about the majesty of the Redwoods or the dappled sunlight and solitude of the forests?  Let's not forget the splendor of the rivers, the deserts, the glaciers, and those blue skies with infinite, floating, cloud-pictures. Why don't we just walk barefoot on the beach today merging our senses with the roar of the ocean surf? The list goes on and on. I don't know about you, but I am feeling a little bit better now.

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