Saturday, August 27, 2016

Reflections on Grace

There are many definitions of Grace.  For us, Grace refers to the unconditional love which comes from Spirit to all His/Her creations.  It is not something we have to earn, it is our spiritual birthright to be cherished, loved, and nurtured for eternity.

In other words, when you love yourself unconditionally you are in a state of Grace.  When you love your neighbor, a stranger, and everyone on this beautiful planet, you are in a sate of Grace.  Most importantly, when you realize God's love for you this Grace puts you in a state of being your True Self. As Maggie Stiefvater says, "It is possible to be in love with you, because of who you are". 

God loves us without us changing anything about ourselves.  Maggie gets it right; be in love with you... that is Grace.  This means you can love all parts of yourself: your body, mind, heart and soul.  Through meditation we are able to experience this love.  Once we have discovered the Grace we live in, without changing anything about ourselves, we become able to radiate this to others... they will feel your Grace.

Could it be that a better understanding of Grace might be the source of all healing?  Healing of the body, healing of a marriage, healing between people we know and love.  Healing will come when we connect with Grace.  Healing is inevitable, we just don't know what form it will take.

Grace is also at the heart of forgiveness.  When we forgive ourselves for our own mistakes, we can forgive and love others for who they really are.  During your meditation and prayers, see the person you wish to forgive... a burden you want to release.  Now, see the person surrounded by light and know that this person, too, lives in a state of Grace. 

One may ask, when we falter, when we make mistakes or errors, do we need to ask God for forgiveness?  The answer is no, we do not.  Since we are already loved unconditionally by Spirit, our task is to learn from our mistakes and surrender to the state of Grace which is ever present. 

If we have hurt someone, we need to ask for forgiveness from them, but this is different than asking forgiveness from God.  Since He/Her loves us without judgment, forgiveness from God is never necessary.

We encourage you to embrace the Grace of God and realize you are never separated from the Source of all love, healing, abundance, joy, intelligence, creativity, and magnificence.  You are connected to Spirit.  We are connected to Spirit.  We are one with our Maker and are obliged to live in a state of Grace.

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