Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Reflections on Your True Self

What is your True Self?  Is your True Self unhappy, depressed, anxious, in chronic pain or suffering in some way? We could go on and on, but what we want you to realize is these qualities are not  your True Self.

Much has been written on this subject through the ages with different religious and spiritual interpretations.  This subject has baffled some of the greatest philosophers and mystical sages through the centuries.  We don't have all the answers to this question either, and we're not trying to impose our beliefs on you.  We're just sharing with you what has worked for us; and brought us peace, joy, love and prosperity.

For example, Gary was having trouble sleeping last night.  His mind was full with obsessive thoughts.  He laid in bed trying to tame the thoughts, but they just kept coming back.  He was worried about our trip to Yachats, working on our new book, designing a special program at church, etc.  

So, he shifted his thinking to a contemplation on the nature of God.  He focused on his breathing first.  After he felt the tension in his body beginning to recede he began to recite his favorite affirmations: "God is my Life, and we are all one with God".  Then he released all thoughts into the Silence. Soon he felt a dissipation of the earlier tension.  He actually saw and felt golden light surrounding him and embracing him.  He had arrived at his True Self.

Susan gets in touch with her True Self by expressing gratitude often during the day.  She meditates every morning for an hour or so, seeking answers and guidance from God.  Because of this connection, she has forgiven people who have hurt her. She has found guidance in her appreciation of all people, be they friends, family, or even strangers.  She has realized she is One with the One, and this connection is never broken unless she breaks it.  She chooses to keep this relationship intact because it brings her to the peace which surpasses all understanding.

So, what is your True Self?  We believe your True Self is found within.  Your True Self is a reflection of God in this world.  That's why it matters as to what we do, what we say, and what we express.  Your True Self is always loved and cherished.  Your True Self is not found in living a negative life.  Your True Self celebrates life and love. It dances, sings, and always joyfully connects us to our Creator.  Being our True Self makes us happy, whole, complete and free, because we have left the negative behind and now live in a world of Grace and Light.

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