Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Reflections on the "Still Small Voice"

Gary and I have learned over the years to listen carefully to the 'still small voice' from within.  Instead of looking for a loud, booming, judging voice (that some people think is how God would speak) we go into the silence and let the gentle, loving voice surface.

This voice is our direct contact to Spirit.  It guides us. If we are having a problem we know God is listening.  We often ask, "What do You need me to be in this world?"  When we listen closely, we find our answers.  They may not always coincide with what we feel we should do, but it's what God wants that leads us out of a problem.

Unfortunately our human side, 'ego', tries to assert the little self which is many times contrary to following the will of God.  Can you relate to feeling your self struggle between what you think is right as opposed to what you feel is right?

We often first come to Spirit mentally.  Pondering, thinking, devising what we think God is... or we may listen to a minister who tells us what God really is; eventually we start looking to our own heart.  When we do this (making the switch from the head to the heart) we find our God.  It may not coincide with others' conceptions, but we find it works for us.

God moves us with the 'still small voice'.  It's a hunch, an idea, a revelation.  You may be surprised by the ideas that begin to flow into your mind and heart.

For instance; Gary has had some issues with our church.  He was anxious and worried about the church's direction, but he tried to turn it over.  (I'll tell you here that many times, that feeling in your stomach telling you to turn left, rather than right, can come to you under any circumstance.)  But, Gary was not listening to Spirit, and his struggles with the 'little self' or ego kept feeding false information.

Eventually with prayer and meditation he was able to let go of these negative feelings and embrace his positive feelings.  He began by forgiving himself.  Slowly he was able to see the situation through his True Self.  He realized he was no longer being fed spiritually.  He understood these ideas came from Spirit, and knew it was time to take action and make some changes.

At the same time this was going on, he was listening to the 'still, small voice' which was nudging him to write a book with Susan as to their spiritual journey.  At first he thought the idea was nuts!  Who would be interested in our journey?  The voice did not become more insistent, it just softly and lovingly kept putting these thoughts in his mind.

When he approached Susan with this idea, she thought he was nuts!  We started praying about it, and realized it had nothing to do with what we wanted, it is what God wanted.  So, we began this new journey feeling that when we write together we are totally embraced and led by Spirit.  Sometimes we actually feel that we are touching the face of God.

It isn't always easy for us to work together.  Both of us are pretty stubborn, but that issue is fading away as well.

Gary is finding his True Self again, and slowly letting go of the church and people there that he so loves.  Sometimes you have to let things you love go and move on, because God wants us to.
He's in control, not us, and he has put our feet on this new journey.  It's both scary and fun, and we've decided it's something we can do despite all the apparent obstacles.

So, thanks for reading our blog.  Feel free to share your ideas.  We appreciate all your prayers.

Joy to you all,
Gary and Susan Eby

Monday, August 29, 2016

Reflections on Dancing with God

Below is a copy of one of Susan's talks she gave in November 2014.  It can be found in our new book  about Spirituality.  Our book is a collection of Spiritual essays designed for reflection and meditation to assist you on your own journey to God.  We hope you enjoy reading this sample of our work. In  the future we will provide other entries for you to review.

dancing with god

(Sample of Talk given by Susan Eby, November 2014)

"Walking with God is a lot more like a dance.  When you walk with someone, there’s not much interaction.  But when you’re dancing, you are moving together, each step followed by another, synchronized and balanced to create a beautiful harmony.  Our life with God, should be like a dance.  He embraces us, we embrace Him.  He leans, we lean.  He steps, we step.  And this giving and receiving relationship creates a dance that leads others to see His glory."  (Wayne Dillard)

Oneness… moving together in harmony.  Synchronized and in touch with Spirit completely.  He embraces us, we embrace him.  No separation.  He leans, we lean, He steps, we step.  Movement and joy.  A giving and receiving relationship like no other.  A relationship that is complete and unconditional Love.

Integrated with God.  Dancing with the Good.  Synchronize means cause to occur at the same time.  There’s no separation.  There’s no imbalance.  There’s only perfection in our dance with God.
He reaches into our mind and body; heart and soul to teach us the dance.  All we have to do is breathe it… feel it… follow it… become it…  Bring it into us.  Then we are dancing with God.  But, like anything that’s done well, it needs to be practiced.

To be balanced means the ability to move OR remain in a position, without losing control or falling.  We have to ability to move.  In Acts, Paul said, “In Him we live, MOVE, and have our being”.  We have the ability to move or remain stagnant.  It is up to us.  Our part of the dance to learn and to practice.
Sometimes God asks that we move… from a negative thought or action to a positive  one.  Are we listening? This is part of the dance. To dance through life filled with joy, abundance, gratitude, health and love and harmony and we can’t do this if we’re caught up in negativity. 
The negative dis harmonizes (is that a word?) the dance.  We have a misstep.  We lean too far backward and lose our balance.  Or we forget the embrace and go off dancing by ourselves; sometimes into all types of painful and unnecessary situations.  Sometimes we seem to lose control of the dance, but the secret is… we’re not leading.  When we start to lead we lose control.  There’s only one leader in the dance.  And that leader, for us, is God.  We choose to go his way.  When we don’t follow His steps we get out of sync.  Our life becomes unmanageable.  But, there’s hope, because even though we may not feel the music or the steps don’t seem to come naturally, we’re still capable of dancing with God because God is always dancing.

Dance has been around forever. Dance comes naturally to us.  People even danced in the Bible.  
 In Psalms we read: Let them praise His name with dancing.  Praise Him with tambourine and dance.  (Gary, did you bring the tambourines?  No, ok, maybe next time.)  "Jesus invited us to dance." (Steve Brown) I found that quote on the web, and I do believe Jesus taught us to dance… he taught us to dance love, music, and harmony.  He may have also taught us to square dance and hula, but I haven’t found any evidence of that. God invited Jesus to dance, and as we all know Jesus danced beautifully. When we dance, we connect with God, even when we dance in brokenness.

Even when we are feeling separated from God we are not, because there is always the dance.  It lives in our hearts.  We dance from our soul.  Even we are broken… sad, lonely, angry,  hurting, depressed, anxious, anything that takes us away from God, we can immediately reconnect with Him through this dance.

Here’s a quote from someone we all know who was very broken:  "Consciousness expresses itself through creation.  This world we live in is the dance of the Creator… I feel my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists.  The Creator and creation merge into one wholeness of joy."  (Michael Jackson)

Michael Jackson said this.  We all know what a painful life he had, yet he also had great joy.  He knew how to dance with the Creator.  Part of him knew the truth about who he was, yet for some reason he couldn’t hold onto it.  I think like many of us, we forget how strongly we are connected to God.  Our minds take over and our hearts grow quiet.  Spirit speaks to the heart, the dance comes from the heart.  Maybe this is how we forget.  Maybe this is how Michael forgot.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the world.  We always seem to have so much to do!  I think for Michael Jackson this was all too true and it became too much.  But, in his heart, he understood the connection.  He just couldn’t keep hold of it.  Let me read what he said one more time.

What a beautiful description of the dance.  Of co-creation.  When we become one with God, when we dance with God, that beautiful becoming of togetherness, that time (all the time) of completeness with our Good, we become One with everything.  God expressing through us.  Us expressing throughout the world.  I think this is the most powerful dance of all.  Maybe a tango or a salsa… co-creation.  What a powerful concept.  Expressing God, through us, through our uniqueness and individuality into the world. Being what God needs us to be in this world.  Being God in this world.
Each of us is a unique aspect of God.  Just as we are.  Without any adjustments or changes we express God in the world.  We need to stop saying to ourselves:  I can’t, I won’t, I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough,  I’m not good looking enough.  What we must affirm is We are children of God, and perfect in every way.  Every aspect of my being comes from the Good.  I am light, I am light, I am the Christ.

Jim Lee, a Unity minister in Detroit talks about a 10 second meditation.  When we do this we are experiencing God, not thinking about God, but dancing with God.  He says to breathe in and relax; think about something that gives you true joy, that makes you smile.  Harmony is in that moment, we start to have clarity.  Then, just go about your business. Renewed, refreshed and totally connected to the Source.  No longer broken, no longer feeling disconnected.

"Movement is freedom of the body ; stillness of the mind." (Marty Rubin)  This, I think, is what Reverend Lee is talking about.  That 10 second stillness of the mind, that allows us to reconnect with God.   That movement that is the dance.

I usually think about dancing with God in those ten seconds.  It brings me joy and peace.  It brings me to a place where dance is sacred.  A prayer for the moment.  Reminding me of my single most purpose: To be a conduit for God.  To co-create with the Creator.  To fully express the Good in my world and the world.

I say to God… “Your whispers are gentle echoes that sway winds of harmony in the symphony of life.  Each word is wrapped in rhapsody… Dance with me, within my soul.  Let me Love You”.  (Oksana Rus)

You can’t dance wrong.  Even if you have two left feet (Gary…) your dance with God is perfection.  Even if you can’t dance at all, your dance with God is perfection.  We are drawn to the start of a sweet melody that stirs from within.  We smile.  Reminded that our hearts and souls can dance, even when our feet cannot.  My point is… there are no limitations.  Our body doesn’t have to be perfect, because we dance with God in our heart… in our soul.  We move and sway, perfectly in rhythm with the Divine.  Limitation is nonexistent when we are dancing with God, and we bring unlimited joy into the world.  God teaches us through the dance, and this is part of what he is teaching us here.

"You can dance in the storm.  Don’t wait for the rain to be over… You can do it now.  Wherever you are, right now; you can start… right now in this very moment."  (Isaelmore Ayivor)  We don’t have to wait for that “perfect” time to connect with God.  We can do it RIGHT  NOW!  Wherever we are, God is, all is well.  And, wherever we are, we are well, because God is our comforter.  God is our partner.  God is our dance partner.

Difficult to say to yourself.  Believe me, I know.  This is why the 10 second meditation is very powerful because we affirm the truth of who we really are.  Perfection.  Right here and right now.  Like the people say, “God doesn’t make junk”.  And like I say, God invites us to dance our perfection with Him in the world… as Him.

"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique…."  (Martha Graham) You have to keep yourself open to the urges that motivate you to keep this channel open.  We need to dance with God on a regular basis.  Not just in meditation, but carrying the Truth always in your heart and soul.  This dance has no beginning, no ending.  It’s a flow that has always existed and will always exist.  All of us belong to this infinite dance… without time, without space, without limits.

"To dance is to be out of yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.  It is God’s glory on earth and yours for the taking."  (Friedrich Nietzsche)

You can have it now, my friends… you can dance with God… you can feel the connection.  You need never be separate from it.  You are never separate from it.

And, so it is… Namaste.

Meditation is similar to the dancer.  You need not reach anyplace, you just have to delve deep into yourself to find the true self and become a soul searcher.

And, with that, let’s take a deep breath and prepare ourselves to dance with God…

(We hope you enjoyed this talk and are ready to try some meditation; it takes practice, just like dancing...  but it is well worth it.)

In Joy and Peace,
Gary and Susan Eby

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Reflections on Grace

There are many definitions of Grace.  For us, Grace refers to the unconditional love which comes from Spirit to all His/Her creations.  It is not something we have to earn, it is our spiritual birthright to be cherished, loved, and nurtured for eternity.

In other words, when you love yourself unconditionally you are in a state of Grace.  When you love your neighbor, a stranger, and everyone on this beautiful planet, you are in a sate of Grace.  Most importantly, when you realize God's love for you this Grace puts you in a state of being your True Self. As Maggie Stiefvater says, "It is possible to be in love with you, because of who you are". 

God loves us without us changing anything about ourselves.  Maggie gets it right; be in love with you... that is Grace.  This means you can love all parts of yourself: your body, mind, heart and soul.  Through meditation we are able to experience this love.  Once we have discovered the Grace we live in, without changing anything about ourselves, we become able to radiate this to others... they will feel your Grace.

Could it be that a better understanding of Grace might be the source of all healing?  Healing of the body, healing of a marriage, healing between people we know and love.  Healing will come when we connect with Grace.  Healing is inevitable, we just don't know what form it will take.

Grace is also at the heart of forgiveness.  When we forgive ourselves for our own mistakes, we can forgive and love others for who they really are.  During your meditation and prayers, see the person you wish to forgive... a burden you want to release.  Now, see the person surrounded by light and know that this person, too, lives in a state of Grace. 

One may ask, when we falter, when we make mistakes or errors, do we need to ask God for forgiveness?  The answer is no, we do not.  Since we are already loved unconditionally by Spirit, our task is to learn from our mistakes and surrender to the state of Grace which is ever present. 

If we have hurt someone, we need to ask for forgiveness from them, but this is different than asking forgiveness from God.  Since He/Her loves us without judgment, forgiveness from God is never necessary.

We encourage you to embrace the Grace of God and realize you are never separated from the Source of all love, healing, abundance, joy, intelligence, creativity, and magnificence.  You are connected to Spirit.  We are connected to Spirit.  We are one with our Maker and are obliged to live in a state of Grace.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Reflections on Divine Order

Reading the title of this essay may make you wonder what the heck are they talking about?  Or, maybe you are familiar with Divine Order.  At any rate, Gary and I are going to attempt to explain the essence of this principle.

Divine Order means we are connected with the Source of All Good.  Because of this relationship we're entitled to express our True Self.  As you know if you've been reading this blog for a while, we have explained what True Self means.

Divine Order is the life we live.  It is only the positive, because Spirit knows no negative.  When we connect with the Source, we live a state of true being.  It's also true that our physical and mental self connects with our True Self, which is always in alignment with Source.  When this happens, when we feel the connection, our life becomes harmonious.

Do your relate to feeling out of balance?  Do you feel your emotions control your life? Are you tired of your frustrations, disappointments, anger, set backs, anxiety, fear and depression?  This is the time to declare Divine Order.  This is the time to declare, "I AM a child of God and completely give this situation to the Truth within", or "I release the appearance of negativity and limitations to the only power in the universe... God".  You are never alone.  You can reach out for help anytime.

At this very moment you are being your True Self, because God accepts you as a perfect creation of His Grace.  Sometimes you may doubt this spiritual reality.  This is the time to turn to meditation and prayer.  Remember, we all meditate in different ways:  It could be a walk on the beach and connecting with nature, a relaxing chair where we can rest, the  feeling of being caressed by a soft summer breeze, gazing at a cozy fire, or spending time talking out loud to Spirit.

Remember, you are your True Self right now.  You are perfection right now. You only need to connect to God to find relief from any situation you may be experiencing.  You are never alone.   Affirm your place in Divine Order now.  Accept your divinity.

With all of God's Blessings,
Gary and Susan Eby

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Reflections on Willingness

When problems or unpleasant issues arise, we have a tendency either to ignore them, get angry, or take it out on an innocent person. (Usually somebody close to us or even strangers.) This can lead to further conflict and unsettle us from our True Self.

We believe the key to willingness is to let go of the problem or issue and turn within for the answers. The answers always come when we seek Divine guidance. We will know what to do, and what to say.

For example, we may hold on to an unhappy childhood. Many of us have come from dysfunctional families. We may still carry around the pain and emotional wounds of the past. Because we are focused on the past, we are not living in the moment of unlimited opportunities.

The question is are we ready to release all of this negativity?  This brings us to the consideration of willingness. We have to be willing to give up the suffering we cling to. How do we do this?

First, allow yourself to fully feel the pain. Sometimes we need help with this process; a counselor, a minister, or even a good and trusted friend can help us vent. Once we have honestly faced these stressful emotions, it's time to begin the healing process.

Next, we work on becoming willing to let all these roadblocks crumble before us. We become willing by surrendering to Spirit. We give God all of these burdens, and we trust and know that the power of Spirit will prevail. We will feel our worries and fears melt away as we continue to turn it all over to God.

To become willing is not easy. We often allow the negative thoughts of the past to reappear. This is common and nothing to be afraid of. Since we have turned this all over to God, we know we will be completely free. Doing this changes everything we think, feel, and how we live.

So we invite you to become willing to go on this journey of positive change. Letting go of problems and unpleasant issues will free you and allow you to live your True Self. This is a miracle which waits to manifest in your heart.

Peace and Love
Gary and Susan Eby

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Reflections on Meditation

What do you think when you hear about meditation? Some say prayer in talking with God, and meditation is listening to God.

Meditation is not easy to do. It takes commitment, time, and practice. However, it's well worth the effort. There are many different forms of meditation. We do not advocate any particular type.

Our most often form of meditation is to get quiet through gentle breathing (three deep breaths in; three deep breaths out).  This helps center us and prepares us for feeling the presence of Spirit. When we feel our bodies relax (sometimes we might have to do more than three breaths), we consciously surrender to our heart center. We believe  the heart is the gateway to the soul.

Once we are totally relaxed with an open heart, we might recite several affirmations.  Susan's favorite is, "I AM a child of God, filled and surrounded by the perfect peace of God." Gary uses a variety of positive thoughts which include the following: "God is my life and I AM a perfect expression of His Love; I AM always at One with the Power and Presence of Infinite Spirit, and I open my heart to feeling the presence of unconditional Peace and Joy."

We allow these words to permeate our total being. Once we feel the Infinite Presence, we listen for that still small voice which always gives us guidance and direction in our lives. Sometimes for various reasons we don't get answers immediately, but if we continue to trust God, stay in the moment, and surrender to His will.  The answers do come. Often we find the answers outside of ourselves. For instance, a stranger in a doctor's waiting office may tell us a short story about their life, which touches us and reveals the answer we have been seeking. This is why it is so important to be aware of other people, nature, situations, and experiences that can produce divine revelations.

 At some point in our meditation process, we let go of all words, and simply merge into the Silence.

It's important to remember that all of this takes practice. You can start with mini-meditations consisting of a few minutes, and gradually build on this. Your goal every day is to breathe deeply, relax, and notice the essence of Spirit around you. When this clicks, you will experience a powerful shift in your life.

In Peace and Love always,
Gary and Susan Eby

(We hope you enjoy the following meditation. The name of this video is "Inner Peace".)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Reflections on Your True Self

What is your True Self?  Is your True Self unhappy, depressed, anxious, in chronic pain or suffering in some way? We could go on and on, but what we want you to realize is these qualities are not  your True Self.

Much has been written on this subject through the ages with different religious and spiritual interpretations.  This subject has baffled some of the greatest philosophers and mystical sages through the centuries.  We don't have all the answers to this question either, and we're not trying to impose our beliefs on you.  We're just sharing with you what has worked for us; and brought us peace, joy, love and prosperity.

For example, Gary was having trouble sleeping last night.  His mind was full with obsessive thoughts.  He laid in bed trying to tame the thoughts, but they just kept coming back.  He was worried about our trip to Yachats, working on our new book, designing a special program at church, etc.  

So, he shifted his thinking to a contemplation on the nature of God.  He focused on his breathing first.  After he felt the tension in his body beginning to recede he began to recite his favorite affirmations: "God is my Life, and we are all one with God".  Then he released all thoughts into the Silence. Soon he felt a dissipation of the earlier tension.  He actually saw and felt golden light surrounding him and embracing him.  He had arrived at his True Self.

Susan gets in touch with her True Self by expressing gratitude often during the day.  She meditates every morning for an hour or so, seeking answers and guidance from God.  Because of this connection, she has forgiven people who have hurt her. She has found guidance in her appreciation of all people, be they friends, family, or even strangers.  She has realized she is One with the One, and this connection is never broken unless she breaks it.  She chooses to keep this relationship intact because it brings her to the peace which surpasses all understanding.

So, what is your True Self?  We believe your True Self is found within.  Your True Self is a reflection of God in this world.  That's why it matters as to what we do, what we say, and what we express.  Your True Self is always loved and cherished.  Your True Self is not found in living a negative life.  Your True Self celebrates life and love. It dances, sings, and always joyfully connects us to our Creator.  Being our True Self makes us happy, whole, complete and free, because we have left the negative behind and now live in a world of Grace and Light.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Reflections on Nature

In a few days, Susan and I will be taking a trip to Yachats on the Oregon coast. We will be surrounded by the cool, dark forest and very close to the soul-stiring ocean. Embraced by God's created beauty, we will find ourselves drawn to His call.  Our entire trip will become a meditation.

We are grateful and fortunate to live in southern Oregon... where we can easily access the majestic pacific coast.  Being enveloped by nature can be very spiritual when we let it into our hearts.

We suggest you spend some time in a place that feeds your soul and let your body vibrate to the wonderful rhythms of Spirit.  Be in the moment and you will find yourself restored, refreshed, and rested.

Here are a couple of websites we found that may help you get in touch with nature.  The first one features gorgeous pictures of the pacific northwest:  The Pacific Northwest through my Eyes

The second displays Oregon coastal webcams that helps you merge with moment by moment visions of the sea.  (You can see why we'll staying on the Oregon Coast for  our vacation):
Click for Oregon Coast Webcams

So, here's to the power of Mother Nature, a church ever present in our mind and heart.  We encourage you to return to these links when you may be feeling down, anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed.  They can help center your True Self, and you will feel at peace.

Try it and let us know if it touched you.

In Love and Light,
Gary and Susan Eby

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Reflections on Joy

Hello everyone!  We appreciate all of you who have stopped by to read our blog.  Please feel free to leave a comment. Today we are going to reflect on joy.

Jim Lee, a Unity minister in Detroit, passes along this short, but very effective way to embrace joy:  He says to breathe in and out slowly and relax (it takes a few breaths to do this).  Then he asks us to think about something that gives us true joy... joy that makes us smile.  Harmony, clarity, and connection to Spirit, happen in this moment.  It's time to let go... then just go about your business free of worry, anxiety, or pain.

We realize there are many paths to joy; for example:  pets can bring us joy, personal relationships, various forms of creativity, special life events, and connecting with our Higher Power.

Gary finds joy through his music, hiking with Susan and our two dogs, and being with nature.

Susan finds joy through Gary (but, not all the time!), writing this blog with him, meditating, and playing on her kindle fire.  She loves the forest.  She imagines little fairies and trolls just around the corner when we spend time in the forest.  It brings her joy just to think these creatures could exist.

Joy is found all around and in us.  For us, the source of our joy is to know and feel our connection with the Divine.  Staying in the moment allows us to capture these times of joy and bring them into  our heart.   Joy is a gift from God.  A moment in time to release all fear and anxiety, and when in tune with Spirit, we experience joy.

Take a moment to think of the times you've experienced joy in your life.  Even the small incidences, like when a stranger gives you a nice smile and a 'hello',  you feel the sun on your face after the rain, waving at your neighbors, playing with one of your pets, or just appreciating a good day.

We would be delighted to hear from you regarding what brings you joy.

Yours in Spirit and Love,
Gary and Susan Eby

Friday, August 19, 2016

Reflections on Peace

Reflections on Peace that Passes All Understanding

Gary and I have been struggling with some physical and emotional challenges recently.  Instead of turning to God first, we both tried to fix these problems by ourselves.  Turning to Him is usually the last place we go.  For some reason we don't think of Spirit first.  But, we know when we do, our struggles end.  For us, we are learning to turn to God first.  We're not always successful, but we keep trying.

Gary, in particular, was feeling a lot of anxiety yesterday.  His thoughts were on how to control his problems by finding intellectual solutions.  He realized the more he tried to control various situations the more his anxiety grew.  For most of the day he was not happy, serene, joyful, or centered.

In the course of his prayers and meditations, an affirmation presented itself.  The affirmation he kept saying was: "We live, move, breathe, and have our being in the Love Light of God."

By using this powerful affirmation he was able to let go and in doing so, his anxiety evaporated and he felt significant relief.  His sense of Spirit took him back to the thoughts he usually carries in his heart and mind:  Joy, happiness, serenity and the Peace that Passes All Understanding.

This is our message for you today.  Try and remember to turn to God first.  Do not struggle with the issues you have no control over.  Turn them completely over to Spirit and you, also, will find your issues dissipating.  You will feel the freedom of letting go and the power of trusting Spirit, which always reveals The Peace that Passes All Understanding.

Love to you all,
Gary and Susan Eby

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Reflections on Gratitude

Reflections on Gratitude For our spiritual blog entry today,  we are going to reflect on GRATITUDE.  We believe that gratitude is the strongest prayer of all.  Somehow, it transcends the appearance of what's really going on in our life.  It puts us in a state of consciousness so we are able not only to feel the presence of Spirit, but to recognize the things in our life that we are truly grateful for.

Everything comes from Spirit, the One, the Source, our God.  We try to keep our minds and hearts in a state of gratitude  Gary and I are grateful for many things, large and small.  Here are a few things we are grateful for:

Gary is grateful for being retired at the age of  68, which gives him the time to slow down and appreciate the rhythm of life.  He is grateful for our rescued dog, Max.  He loves playing the piano and banging on the drums.  He is awed by nature, and of course he loves his Susan.  Living close to the redwood forest and the magnificent southern Oregon pacific coast, we are not far from a place of serenity, joy, and feeling all the more connected to our Christ Self and the Source.

Susan expresses gratitude first thing in the morning.  (Thank you God for another day.)  It makes her smile to know the presence of God will get her through any challenge she may face. She is grateful to be married to a man of love, full of Spirit, and full of joy.  (We've been married for 38 years.)  She loves the flowers in her garden.  She loves clouds.

Together we express our gratitude to pave the way for receiving gifts from God.  We share in our appreciation for a Hawaiian cruise we'll be taking in March;  working on writing a book on Spirituality which expands on the ideas we hope to express in our blog; we are grateful for our beautiful home, and for each other.  We dream about someday buying an RV van to enable us to travel more often.

We are grateful that you have taken the time to read and enjoy our spiritual blog.

In peace and love,
Gary and Susan Eby

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Gary: Sitting on a bench on the hilltop at our gated retirement community in Cave Junction, Oregon. Max, our fox-terrier mix is on his leash beside me. It's dusk and the temp is cooling down. I have lots of stuff that has been weighing heavily on my mind. I breathe in some of the energy from the pine-covered mountains that surround us. To my left, the moon is low, full, and glowing with golden light. I say the Hawaiian prayer, Ho'oponopono: I love you; thank you; I am sorry; please forgive me. And I lay my troubles down like a "bridge over troubled water!"

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Susan and Gary Eby's Spiritual Blog

This blog is about our personal journey to Spirit. There are many paths to the Divine and all of them are relevant. Your path may be very different from ours, but it is precious and personal.

This is not a blog telling you what you must do to become your highest self.  This blog is about how we are finding our Divine Self.  With so much conflict between religions, we felt obligated to offer our experiences. You may find some of our practices are appealing (or not).  The point is, we are going to share our spiritual journey with you.  In whatever way you start, or continue, your journey is important.... in fact, we believe our spiritual life is the most challenging, precious, and humbling experience we've ever had.

So, read our ideas with an open mind and an open heart.  You may find something you like.  You may even find the Source of All, which is God.

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With you always in Spirit, Gary and Susan