Sunday, June 9, 2019

Love into Action

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Just got back from hearing my lovely wife, Rev. Susan present a powerful message about Grace at the Unity Church in Medford, Oregon. Her talk triggered some of my own thoughts regarding spirituality that I would like to share with you.

There is so much Beauty around us and within us. We also live in a very strange world where too many people suffer from poverty, starvation, homelessness, addictions, mental illness, loneliness, violence, pain, prejudice, disease, oppression, war, and crime. Now add to these terrible conditions the fact that our whole planet remains at dire risk from pollution, pandemics, man-made global warming, climate change, and unimaginable natural disasters. Easy to get depressed, anxious, and afraid. Right?

No wonder a significant number of humans don't attend church, and may even believe that God is dead or at most, irrelevant in our modern world.

Rev. Susan and I strongly encourage you to resist all of this negativity. Just for a moment try this process: take some deep breaths; quiet your mind; relax; affirm some positive thoughts; smile; place your hand on your heart; let go; ask your Inner Positive Voice for guidance. How was that spiritual approach for you?

Hope you will come to our Heaven on Earth Discussion Group at Medford Unity on 7-14 at 1:30 pm. Learn to ask the three questions that will help transform this nation and the world. Be it man-made global warming, pollution, poverty, violence, greed, prejudice, etc. , together we can create a kinder, healthier, more compassionate way of life!

Also, why not take a few moments in your busy day to explore with us the Kingdom within? Just begin by reading a few pages for Free from our inspirational book, Reflections: A Journey to God on Amazon? You can use the "Look Inside" feature to check it out. Here is the link: Reflections

Or investigate the Unity Movement. Enjoy some of the videos posted here. Get to know us better on YouTube: handle: Unity of Medford.

We deserve to have a better life today. We have unconditional worth and value. We can refuse to hurt ourselves with negative thoughts, feelings, habits, and actions.

Like the Rev. Susan said today: Grace is all about Love, Peace, and Compassion. So...let's connect with each other, and put a little Love-into-Action today! You might even want to visit a Unity Community in your local area. Smiles...

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Peace, Love, Joy and Blessings to All from Gary and Rev. Susan.