Monday, August 22, 2016

Reflections on Nature

In a few days, Susan and I will be taking a trip to Yachats on the Oregon coast. We will be surrounded by the cool, dark forest and very close to the soul-stiring ocean. Embraced by God's created beauty, we will find ourselves drawn to His call.  Our entire trip will become a meditation.

We are grateful and fortunate to live in southern Oregon... where we can easily access the majestic pacific coast.  Being enveloped by nature can be very spiritual when we let it into our hearts.

We suggest you spend some time in a place that feeds your soul and let your body vibrate to the wonderful rhythms of Spirit.  Be in the moment and you will find yourself restored, refreshed, and rested.

Here are a couple of websites we found that may help you get in touch with nature.  The first one features gorgeous pictures of the pacific northwest:  The Pacific Northwest through my Eyes

The second displays Oregon coastal webcams that helps you merge with moment by moment visions of the sea.  (You can see why we'll staying on the Oregon Coast for  our vacation):
Click for Oregon Coast Webcams

So, here's to the power of Mother Nature, a church ever present in our mind and heart.  We encourage you to return to these links when you may be feeling down, anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed.  They can help center your True Self, and you will feel at peace.

Try it and let us know if it touched you.

In Love and Light,
Gary and Susan Eby

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  1. Friends: Let's discuss an experience you had with Nature that put in contact with Spirit. To get you started, check out the links in the above Reflection. Peace and Light: Gary and Susan Eby

  2. Hi: I am here for the virtual meetup. Please check in. Try this music video link as you check out the nature links: Please let me know what you think. Enjoy: Gary

  3. Been here for more than 30 minutes. Signing off. Still interested in your opinions about nature. Have a wonderful week: Gary Eby.