Thursday, April 26, 2018


As we so through life we face many painful issues inside of us, and significant challenges all around us. Do you struggle with letting go of such difficulties? I have been there too.

I am a retired social worker, mental health counselor, addiction therapist and author of two self-help books. My wife Susan, is the co-author of our book, "Reflections: A Journey to God".  She is completing her interfaith ministerial requirements this summer via the Emerson Theological Institute.

Professionally and personally, Susan and I have experienced much adversity, ranging from medical conditions to financial, relationship, and emotional problems. Thought you might appreciate some of the following tips we have field-tested (smiles) to overcome all kinds of stressful and even painful situations in our lives:

*  Breathing deeply (check out the "relaxation response" online).
*  Venting painful emotions.
*   Replacing negative emotions with positive thoughts.
*  Developing a plan of positive action.
*  Releasing stress to the Divine within us and all around us (many ways to do this).

For more information on these steps, here is a link to an excerpt from "Reflections: A Journey to God" Reflections on the Ocean

Next, feel free to check out this press release about "Reflections". Reflections Press Release

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Last but now least, we would like to have a conversation with you about the one thing you want to overcome today in our comment section. We will do our best to answer your concerns, so you can let go of whatever might be holding you back. You deserve to have a better life today!

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Monday, March 12, 2018

The White Wolf

A short time ago, I had an interesting dream about a white wolf. I would like to share it with you.

In my dream, I suddenly found myself in a field at dusk.  I noticed in front of me, there was a long and old, wood and wire fence which extended across one side of the field. I also sensed the presence of some sort of danger.

I started walking towards the fence. From the corner of my eye, I noticed a blur of motion coming right at me. There appeared to be some kind of wolf-like creature kicking up a dust cloud, and traveling at  incredible speed.

At first, panic engulfed me as I ran faster towards the fence line. But, when the animal came closer, a comforting thought occurred to me: just be still. So, I stopped running, took a deep breath, and faced the creature... as it just ran past me.

I didn't waste any time lurking around or contemplating my good fortune. Immediately, I took off for the fence, jumped it, and breathed in a few more deep sighs of relief. Looking around, I noticed that parts of the fence looked weak and needed repair. I spent some time strengthening the fence posts and tightening the rusty, ranch wire. Then feeling safe and protected, I left the scene.

Soon afterwards, I returned to the fence line. In front of the fence, sat a lovely women who was petting a huge, white wolf. She motioned to me to come closer. She smiled and said, "Don't be afraid. Come pet this wolf with me."

And so I did, surrendering to this calling and a feeling of peace, knowing that all is well. 

I am sure there are many ways to interpret this dream. Clearly some Native American symbolism is present too. Here's my interpretation of it.

The danger I sensed in the "field" of my life was a premonition of something horrible that was about to happen. The voice I heard to "be still" might have been the presence of the Divine within me. That blur of motion with a wolf-like creature,  hinted of some kind of attack that was about to occur in my life. The fence line that I jumped over and strengthened, could represent my internal resources that I use to cope with problems.  Maybe the lovely lady was my guardian angel. The white wolf probably symbolized my connection to Spirit, beckoning me to surrender to the power of Love, which will always see me through any life challenge.

What do you think?

A short time after this dream, I did have a real life situation that deeply rocked my soul. My wife of 40 years, Susan, got pretty sick one night. She started complaining of an intense pain in her left arm and shoulder. Trying to help, I encouraged her to take some pain medications and use her heating pad. But, the pain grew in intensity. Moreover, her speech seemed slurred. She also complained of something being seriously wrong within her.

Getting alarmed now, I walked her to our bedroom, and assisted in putting her to bed; but her ability to move her legs and arms was becoming very weak.  While she was in bed, she could barely talk and had significant trouble moving any part of her body. At this point some panic set in for me; I called her sister for consultation, and we agreed to phone the ambulance. However, all through this ordeal, I kept "petting" that white wolf within me.

When I got to the emergency room to be with Susan, she had regained the ability to move her arms and legs; however, she still was unable talk. In addition, while I tried to comfort her, I recall she could only apply a very soft and weak pressure to my hand. 

The doctor and nurses were frantically doing all kinds of tests. Nothing shed any light on what was going on with Susan. In my mind's eye, I kept stroking the wolf and saying my prayers.

I remember silently praying powerful and positive words over and over: oneness and thank you. I kept affirming that we are one, dear Lord with Your source of absolute health and infinite life. Susan and all human beings are a divine expression of our Creator, always manifesting Light, Love, Peace, and Infinite Energy,  which radiates from our connection to Spirit. Then I just kept thanking God for this Truth, and the gentle presence of all that is Good.

Many times that night I prayed: We are One; thank You God for Your Grace and healing presence. Incredibly, around 2:00 a.m. all of Susan's faculties were restored. The doctor in the emergency room denied that she had suffered a stroke. He described her condition as a "medical anomaly". 

Later that week, with follow-up from Susan's primary care physician, we discovered that she probably had a small stroke called a TIA. This condition does not cause any lasting physical damage, and it doesn't show up on traditional medical tests. It's a warning sign of a larger stroke if Susan didn't change her lifestyle.

Happy to have her home, I gave thanks for my dream, and kept petting that white wolf within.

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