Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Reflections on the "Still Small Voice"

Gary and I have learned over the years to listen carefully to the 'still small voice' from within.  Instead of looking for a loud, booming, judging voice (that some people think is how God would speak) we go into the silence and let the gentle, loving voice surface.

This voice is our direct contact to Spirit.  It guides us. If we are having a problem we know God is listening.  We often ask, "What do You need me to be in this world?"  When we listen closely, we find our answers.  They may not always coincide with what we feel we should do, but it's what God wants that leads us out of a problem.

Unfortunately our human side, 'ego', tries to assert the little self which is many times contrary to following the will of God.  Can you relate to feeling your self struggle between what you think is right as opposed to what you feel is right?

We often first come to Spirit mentally.  Pondering, thinking, devising what we think God is... or we may listen to a minister who tells us what God really is; eventually we start looking to our own heart.  When we do this (making the switch from the head to the heart) we find our God.  It may not coincide with others' conceptions, but we find it works for us.

God moves us with the 'still small voice'.  It's a hunch, an idea, a revelation.  You may be surprised by the ideas that begin to flow into your mind and heart.

For instance; Gary has had some issues with our church.  He was anxious and worried about the church's direction, but he tried to turn it over.  (I'll tell you here that many times, that feeling in your stomach telling you to turn left, rather than right, can come to you under any circumstance.)  But, Gary was not listening to Spirit, and his struggles with the 'little self' or ego kept feeding false information.

Eventually with prayer and meditation he was able to let go of these negative feelings and embrace his positive feelings.  He began by forgiving himself.  Slowly he was able to see the situation through his True Self.  He realized he was no longer being fed spiritually.  He understood these ideas came from Spirit, and knew it was time to take action and make some changes.

At the same time this was going on, he was listening to the 'still, small voice' which was nudging him to write a book with Susan as to their spiritual journey.  At first he thought the idea was nuts!  Who would be interested in our journey?  The voice did not become more insistent, it just softly and lovingly kept putting these thoughts in his mind.

When he approached Susan with this idea, she thought he was nuts!  We started praying about it, and realized it had nothing to do with what we wanted, it is what God wanted.  So, we began this new journey feeling that when we write together we are totally embraced and led by Spirit.  Sometimes we actually feel that we are touching the face of God.

It isn't always easy for us to work together.  Both of us are pretty stubborn, but that issue is fading away as well.

Gary is finding his True Self again, and slowly letting go of the church and people there that he so loves.  Sometimes you have to let things you love go and move on, because God wants us to.
He's in control, not us, and he has put our feet on this new journey.  It's both scary and fun, and we've decided it's something we can do despite all the apparent obstacles.

So, thanks for reading our blog.  Feel free to share your ideas.  We appreciate all your prayers.

Joy to you all,
Gary and Susan Eby

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