Saturday, August 20, 2016

Reflections on Joy

Hello everyone!  We appreciate all of you who have stopped by to read our blog.  Please feel free to leave a comment. Today we are going to reflect on joy.

Jim Lee, a Unity minister in Detroit, passes along this short, but very effective way to embrace joy:  He says to breathe in and out slowly and relax (it takes a few breaths to do this).  Then he asks us to think about something that gives us true joy... joy that makes us smile.  Harmony, clarity, and connection to Spirit, happen in this moment.  It's time to let go... then just go about your business free of worry, anxiety, or pain.

We realize there are many paths to joy; for example:  pets can bring us joy, personal relationships, various forms of creativity, special life events, and connecting with our Higher Power.

Gary finds joy through his music, hiking with Susan and our two dogs, and being with nature.

Susan finds joy through Gary (but, not all the time!), writing this blog with him, meditating, and playing on her kindle fire.  She loves the forest.  She imagines little fairies and trolls just around the corner when we spend time in the forest.  It brings her joy just to think these creatures could exist.

Joy is found all around and in us.  For us, the source of our joy is to know and feel our connection with the Divine.  Staying in the moment allows us to capture these times of joy and bring them into  our heart.   Joy is a gift from God.  A moment in time to release all fear and anxiety, and when in tune with Spirit, we experience joy.

Take a moment to think of the times you've experienced joy in your life.  Even the small incidences, like when a stranger gives you a nice smile and a 'hello',  you feel the sun on your face after the rain, waving at your neighbors, playing with one of your pets, or just appreciating a good day.

We would be delighted to hear from you regarding what brings you joy.

Yours in Spirit and Love,
Gary and Susan Eby

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