Saturday, November 12, 2016

Reflections on Meditation and Magnificence

Meditation and Magnificence Spiritual Blog entry for the day: Okay friends, my wife Susan isn't feeling very well today. Thought I would share another spiritual essay that will appear in our new spiritual book, Reflections: Journey to God.

As you know, America is facing some tough times. We believe that we need to slow down and center ourselves. Let us always remember that anger and violence are never solutions to anything. The same goes for slipping into obsessive worry and deep depression.

So maybe you will consider trying out the following recommendations for Meditation and Magnificence?

Find a comfortable place where you feel safe and will not be interrupted. This is your time to meditate.

Start by taking a few deep breaths to relax your mind and your body to spend some time in the silence. Feel your body begin to loosen up. Keep breathing slowly... 4 breaths in through your nose and five slowly exhaled breaths out of your mouth Allow your mind to slow down. Do whatever you need to get ready for your meditation. A short mantra or prayer perhaps. Feel your body comfortably relax into the chair. Notice the sounds around you lulling you into a deeper place within. Once you are calm and comfortable, take the next step: 

Gently direct your consciousness into the secret place of the most High. You may envision yourself sitting by a stream on a sunny day, relaxing in a meadow caressed by gentle breezes, or on the top of a mountain enjoying the view below. Let your inner self take you anywhere you wish to go.

Picture the Light everywhere present. It surrounds you and you sense a peace beyond all understanding. Breathe in the Light; feel the warm glow of the Light; move in the Light. You are completely surrounded by the Light. All of your worries and fears have left you. All you know at this moment is God.

For more info on this spiritual blog, just click on this link: More Free Spiritual Essays

Susan and I send all of you Peace, Light, Joy, and Love today. There are answers to our problems. We feel the answers are within us.   

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Reflections: Journey to God

Reflections: Journey to God Ready for a better life? This blog entry is a preview of our new spiritual book, which my wife Susan and I actually wrote together. It a collection of meditative essays.

This is the kind of book you read for a while and then reflect on what you've discovered. Don't feel compelled to read it cover to cover. You might want to start with the first essay, "Chetco River". It sets the tone and theme of the book, which is, we can all access a state of heaven consciousness right now, today.

We suggest you take your time. Thumb through the other articles. Find one that appeals to you: ponder it; meditate a while; even read it out loud.

Susan and I promise you will find an essay that speaks to your mind, your heart, your spirit, and your soul. When this clicks, we believe you will experience a better life. You may even become willing to join together with many other people who work tirelessly to create a more spiritual, peaceful and loving world.

Ultimately our book offers you a glimpse into our own spiritual journeys. Consider this an invitation for you to begin or renew your own journey to God.

One thing is for certain: Contemplating some of our essays listed below will definitely help you release fears, stressful thoughts, and other forms of negative energy, which can hold you back from all that you are meant to be.

Here is the link for samples of these essays: More Free Essays from Reflections

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Feel free to check out our video too at the link below. Blessings to you from Gary and Susan Eby.