Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Reflections on a Better Life!

Reflections: Better Life This spiritual blog is about our personal and spiritual journey to God. Given the uncertain state of politics in America and so many unresolved social problems in the world (which could threaten the very survival of humanity) let's reflect on how a state of God-Consciousness can help us have a better life today, and create a healthier, more peaceful world for each other.

I  am getting real sick of the culture of violence in the world. Look at all of the carnage we have lived through in our lifetime:  race riots, assassinations of beloved leaders, serial killings, gang and cartel murders, too many wars, and too much terrorism at home and abroad.

For inexplicable reasons, governments seem unable to stop the violence. Religions haven’t helped much either; some even justify the killing of innocent people in the name of their extremist beliefs. Can’t we do anything about this? One might think the human race is surely doomed.

I still believe in the power of the positive. Dr. Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven, truly impressed us with hopeful lessons he learned from his near death experience (NDE). Here are several of his enlightening ideas:

* “We are each eternal beings.”
* “The single most import force or principle in the universe is unconditional Love.”
* “We are all One.”

Skeptics and naysayers doubt the veracity of Dr. Alexander’s NDE. They suggest that all such experiences are merely chemically induced delusions and hallucinations caused by a dying brain. However, Dr. Jeffrey Long and many others offer a line of evidence that herald NDEs as true representations of external consciousness; e.g., “crystal-clear consciousness; realistic out-of-body experiences; heightened senses; consciousness during anesthesia; perfect playbacks; family reunions with the deceased; same children’s experiences; worldwide consistency; powerful aftereffects and life changes.”

What if consciousness really continues after physical death? What if we don’t need NDEs to experience a profound spiritual awakening? Maybe we can shift attitudes via the spiritual path and usher in a better life on earth today.

These ideas excite me with their endless possibilities of healing and positive social change. When we begin to love ourselves unconditionally and follow the teachings of The Way Shower ("love your neighbor as much as you love yourself; and love God with all your mind, heart, soul, and strength.") Heaven on Earth could be realized.

In other words, when we know and feel a loving and personal connection to Spirit, this kind of God- Consciousness can help us transcend all that is negative and put us in a heavenly state of being happy, joyful, at peace, and open to new ways to solve personal problems and world challenges.

Along these lines I highly recommend you check out this book, Love Changes Things: Even in the World of Politics by Caroline Cottom: Our Review

We can have a better life. We can create a healthier world. The answer is to hold on to the faith in Unconditional Love.

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Yours in Love and Light,
Gary and Susan Eby

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Reflections on Anger

Hi Everyone,

Today we are going to talk about anger:

Despite our intentions to be loving, forgiving, non-judgmental, our human buttons can be pushed and we can react in angry ways. 

For example, while we are driving someone cuts us off in traffic.  Suddenly we feel angry and we want the driver who did it to suffer in some way.  We may honk our horn, yell, or even give him or her a certain hand gesture.

There are times when life seems to treat us unfairly.  We can lose our job, through no fault of our own.  Loved ones can turn against us.  Out of the blue, we can experience a severe life threatening illness.  Marriages can end.  Some have lost their  homes.  The list is long and goes on and on... from the simple fates to heavy difficulties.

It's very human to get angry and frustrated when these things happen in our lives.  Sometimes our anger can turn into rage or aggressiveness.  Sometimes we turn the anger on our self, usually making everything worse.  This can take the form of depression, and other behaviors that can be unproductive and harmful to our self.  Anger can lead to long standing resentments whereby we lose control of reason and actually engage in hurting other people.

What can we do with all this angst we may be feeling?  First it is important to recognize what we are feeling and face the feeling.  Then we need to start breathing.  Long, deep breaths, until we feel our emotions are becoming under control.  We could embrace an affirmation like "I am in control of my emotions and, I refuse to hurt myself or others".

Forgiveness is very powerful when dealing with anger.  Forgiveness trumps anger every time.  Why?  Because God is all about forgiveness.  God forgives through us.  When we need help, we put our mind on God and say, "God forgives through me, and I forgive this situation, knowing God is my source and will provide for me always."

Granted, certain situations might appear unjustified and unforgivable.  We're talking here about child abuse, war, some crime perpetrated against us or a loved one, even inexplicable natural disasters.  At some point we feel angry with God.  How can Spirit let these things happen?

He doesn't.  People have free will.  People make choices.  A child abuser is making a choice to hurt a child; countries start wars for no apparent reason; crime comes into our lives without warning; natural disasters kill and displace people.

So, what is left for one to do in these situations?  To the best of your ability turn all your burdens over the source of your faith.  Remind yourself these terrible actions are not a punishment brought down upon you for some thing you have done.  Look out and reach out in faith.  Ask for guidance from your Inner Voice.

Maybe you will be the one with the boat who saves several people during the flood.  Maybe you will be the one to start a protest against the war.  Maybe you will be the one to turn in the child abuser.  And, maybe, you will be the one who forgives the person who committed a crime against you.  The Inner Voice will tell you what to do.  Listen for it.  Be ready for it.  Then act.  Don't wait for someone else to do the work; you are to be about your Father's business.  You must act.

Susan and I realize that occasionally the pain, suffering, hurt, and anger is so great that one may not hear guidance from within.  This is the time to reach out for help and lean on the strength and wisdom of spiritual leaders. therapists, counselors, doctors, or others in the healing professions.  Not only is God within us, God works through others to help us get through this confusing and challenging world.

We can't promise you that you and those around you won't be angry at times, but we want to remind you that YOU have choices and YOU, with God's guidance, determine what happens in your life and how you handle your anger.

Ok, friends,
Please ponder these ideas
Try them out in your life
Tell us how it worked for you

In Light, Love, and Courage,
Gary and Susan Eby

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Reflections on the Future

Many of us spend our time in the future. We are thinking about whether we are going to get that raise, or find the right partner to share our lives with, or  having enough money to pay our bills, and so on and so forth. The list gets longer and longer. We are so set in the future we don't see the possibilities available to us now.

It's difficult to live in the now, but it is important.  Because when we live in the future we are missing opportunities that Spirit provides.

Maybe we need to find a different job. Maybe there is an opening right in front of us that we don't see. The same is true with finding the right partner and handling our finances. So what do we do?

Let's realize that God provides us with endless, creative energy. When we tap into this Consciousness, we able to release all our human burdens, doubts, fears, and concerns. We are then free to receive the Creator's gifts of Divine Guidance and Grace. God never let's us down. Our responsibility is to remain open, that's all we have to do.

An open heart with an open mind will see right now, in this very moment, that God is working in and through us.  We are never detached from the Source. All we need we have available  right now.

Our own human will cuts us off. We feel we must take control and do the work. Often this leads to lots of disappointments, frustrations, fear and anxiety.

Susan and I have tried controlling all sorts of things in our lives. Our research demonstrated, this doesn't work very well. So we decided to start turning things over to God. Many amazing things have happened with this shift in awareness.

Susan, as you know, suffers from a Bipolar condition. When her psychiatrist decided to retire we started to panic. How would we find the right doctor?  Would we have to drive an hour and a half for an appointment? Would the new doctor mesh emotionally with Susan? So many unanswered questions. However, when we let go of all of this worry and trying to control the situation, we remembered to turn to God. (Isn't it ironic that we end up turning to Source after we have tried everything by our self?)  After turning it over, we found a doctor who meets all of Susan's needs and is an integral part of her healing. She now takes less medications and is a happier person.

We also prayed for prosperity and abundant living. This worked out too. We were able to purchase a beautiful home that we thought was beyond our financial reach. We went through a period of financial lack and surprisingly little checks started coming in the mail. A big demonstration of this is when Susan was told she has liver disease. The doctors told us that eventually she would need a transplant. We started praying for healing and guidance. But in the mean time,  the medical bills for her treatment started piling up. She was guided to turn to her dad for help. He gave her a credit card with a limit of $25,000, which covered everything.

It is the Father within who does the work. All we need to do is the following: go into the Silence; pray for guidance;  listen to the Divine;  stay in the moment; and  accept the gifts that are all around us. If we are living in the future we can't do this. We have to give up human control and open our hearts to feeling the presence of Unconditional Love with Unlimited Opportunities.

Sending you peace and joy in the moment today,
Gary and Susan Eby

Monday, September 19, 2016

Reflections on Hope

A lot of us hope things will change in our lives. Currently I am (Susan is) experiencing a bout of chronic back pain. I hoped the pain medicine would work, but it didn't. I hoped the heating pad would give me relief but it didn't. I had hoped the Tens Unit would help, but it didn't. So as a last resort, I decided to meditate.

Why I didn't turn to Spirit in the first place is because of my own stubborn will. I had forgotten what hope can do for a person. I put on my head phones, closed my eyes, and listened to nature sounds. I envisioned a world of my own making. I pictured my back glowing in a golden Light. I could feel my pain easing. I had Hope.

Slowly, gently, the pain began to subside. I stayed in that state for about an hour. When I was finished and came back to this time and place, I felt much better.

Hope is a powerful spiritual equation. Along with all the other things we have talked about, hope may be the most important.

I have lived a dangerous life. I have been severely abused as a child and young woman. But what brought me through it all was Hope. I didn't know or understand God's plan for me. But I still felt hope even in the darkest hours. I knew 'something' would save me from my retched life.

As a girl, I used to fantasize that a huge chair would come down out of the sky. It would be encrusted with all sorts of jewels making it sparkle and shine. I believed once I sat in that chair God would take me up to heaven. My hope never wavered. I knew because I had hope, even at a young age, I was chosen by God to speak of his wonder, his glory, his peace.

How I knew this was because I was still alive.

Hope is given to us a birth. No matter what situation we face, be it an abusive past, addictions we are struggling with, a poor relationship, financial pressure, or any other appearance of suffering, we feel deep in our hearts presence of  Hope. The hope we feel is a tiny spark of our own Divinity. Hope will never die; it is with us always. It leads us inevitable to the Father ever present, all powerful, full of Love and Joy.

It may be hard but if you think about it, no matter how deep or painful your situation is, there is the miracle of Hope that keeps you going.

I had hoped to find a man who loved me for who I am, and would treat me well. I carried this hope with me until the day Gary knocked on my apartment door and introduced himself.

Neither of us knew what was coming regarding my Dissociative  Disorder and my Bipolar condition due to my past trauma. However, through all of it, Gary stood by me devotedly. He loved me unconditionally and helped me find my Divine Self, leading to many miraculous healings.

Throughout it all, I held on to my Hope and that small twinkle I started with became a huge part of myself. Just a little Hope can start you on your path to healing your life.

Yours in everlasting Hope,
Gary and Susan.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Reflections on Emotions

Our emotions are with us constantly. It seems like there is no getting away from them. Many times these emotions and feelings are negative. For example, 'I can't do it', 'I am no good', 'Why was I ever born?', 'There is nothing good in my life'.

Do any of these thoughts haunt you? It seems even when you are in a good place, these thoughts can permeate your mind. When we hold on to thoughts like these we wallow in depression, despair, anger, frustration, guilt, and emotional pain. Because we are feeling like this and don't know how to turn them around, we strike out at other people, often misinterpreting what they say in an attempt to help.  You ignore the natural beauty around you.  You sulk. What can you do to fight the forces of your negative state of mind?

Some  simply ignore the negative emotions, hoping they will just go away. Sometimes people obsessed with these negative thoughts turn to drugs, alcohol, food, inappropriate sex, gambling, and other harmful addictions.

You might  try the power of positive thinking. Obviously our thoughts do have an impact on our emotions. If we change the thoughts we can help relieve the emotions. However, just thinking positive doesn't necessarily lift you from a deep depression. Also, if you are reliving significant resentments about past experiences, just saying you will be happy today may not be enough to set you free.

You can always turn to your faith. This is why Susan and I  have been recommending prayer and meditation.  It doesn't replace your faith, it strengthens it. First a few deep breaths will slow things down. This puts us in the moment. Centers us. It doesn't take a long time to get yourself centered. You don't have to go into a deep and involved meditation. All you need at this point is to breathe.

After you feel you body calm down along with your mind and heart, you see the situation clearly. Your stressful emotions begin to subside.  You start to connect to Spirit and you let the positive energy of God permeate your being. If you truly practice this simple system, you will find  your negative feelings and thoughts evaporate.

You can also say a short affirmative prayer: such as, I AM worthy; I AM good; I can accomplish my goals; I AM a child of God, perfect in every way right now. These little prayers are very powerful. They can change your perception in an instant if you are open to them.

For this process to work effectively, it requires you to surrender, and have faith that God will take care of all.

This is not easy to do when you are in turmoil. It needs daily practice. When you feel calmer, it's wise to reach out for help. There are many ways to do this.

Most of us turn to a friend or family member for help. But sometimes this isn't possible. Your minister, doctor, or therapist can all be useful in this process.  You can ever go online to find groups that meet your needs.  If you still find yourself suffering, you can find many useful  books.

We urge you to try this process at least once during your day. You find it easier and easier to accomplish a peaceful state of being. We are more than our thoughts and emotions. We are Divine Children of God always connected the Source of  Good.

Yours in faith, understanding, and love,
Gary and Susan Eby.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reflections on Faith

Hello Everybody,

Faith comes in different forms. For instance, people talk about blind faith. To us this means that someone accepts a religious point of view without question. 

Gary and I have discovered a way to experience faith by going within.  This works for us.  It may not work for you.  Not because you fail, but because you may be hesitant  to walk a different path.  As we have said before, there is no 'right way' to find Spirit.  However, we do encourage you to try prayer and meditation with an open mind and open heart.

For us, prayer and meditation are simply a part of our everyday living.  We don't pray for 'things', we pray for healing, or abundance, or for a friend that's having a tough time.  Our prayers come from the heart.  We speak to God in a positive way, such as:  I AM a child of God, and I do not inherit illness.  This is an affirmative prayer that was often spoken by Myrtle and Charles Fillmore (the founders of Unity).  We use affirmative prayers to express our gratitude for all that we do have... thanking Spirit for our new day.  We trust He will provide for us and keep us safe.  He will meet all of our needs.

We meditate to hear what God is telling us, and do our best to try and follow his directions.  His observations never lead us down the wrong path (except when our ego gets in the way). 

For instance, we had a neighbor who was very controlling and devisive.  It was hard to forgive him, as we have been told to do by the Way Shower, Jesus Christ.  We tried to forgive him, and in some moments we felt the forgiveness, but we often took it back.  This is not unusual.  So, we had to continue to forgive him, and ourselves, for feeling so much conflict.  We allowed him to be who he was while maintaining our own balance and self esteem. 

We followed the path God set before us... stepping out in faith to accomplish peace without giving up our core values.

One might ask after reading our thoughts about faith, if we have faith in Jesus Christ. Of course we have faith in all that is Divine. Jesus often stated, "I can do nothing of myself; it's the Father within that does the works." 

Jesus had phenomenal faith. He was continuously connected to the Divine. He often went off by himself to pray and mediate and discover his Divine Guidance.  We believe in  all of Jesus' invaluable teachings and the beautiful examples he set through his perfect faith in the Father.

There were times Jesus didn't want to follow the path God had set out for him. But because his faith was so strong he was able to surrender his will and be about his Father's business. Jesus is a perfect example of faith based upon a deep understanding of our connection to the Divine.

There have been many prophets, sages, and incredible spiritual leaders throughout time. We will be talking about this in a future blog.

Yours in Faith,
Gary and Susan Eby

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reflections on Worthiness

Good Morning!

Today we're going to give you our ideas about worthiness.

Many of us don't feel we deserve good things in our lives.  We often feel down and depressed.  Where do these feelings of worthiness come from?  Usually it starts in childhood.  A parent, a teacher, a relative, for example, might say something or do something that starts this chain of feeling unworthy.

You also might feel bad about yourself when you fall short on accomplishing a goal or a project.  For example, maybe your dream of becoming a supervisor at your job, or becoming a teacher, or becoming a writer, or a musician, is not realized.  The list can go on and on. You may be concerned regarding your body image, or your physical attractiveness, relationships, or depression. If you do 'fail' (in whatever goal you are trying to accomplish) you beat yourself up and tell yourself you just weren't worthy of accomplishing your goals.

You never fail.  You are always good enough.  What truly happens is that God continues to guide you to a better path.  As Divine Beings, a part of God, we need to realize the unlimited opportunities God provides.

Perhaps God needs you to be something else in this world.  Maybe a doctor, or a minister, or a dancer or singer... again the list can go on and on.  As far as the more personal things (attractiveness, relationships, etc.) God doesn't care.  You are as S/He created you.  You are love, you are light, you are unlike anyone else in this world, and you are perfect.  This is what God sees... His own perfection.

You have a right to be happy in this moment of time.  Just open your mind and heart to discover what brings you joy. 

Through meditation, we can listen to our inner voice, which guides us to what God needs us to be in this life.  What do you really want to do in your life?  What calls to your heart?  It could be something simple, or something more complex, but you are always connected to your Higher Self, your God self, and you can discover what God needs of you. 

Most importantly you can spend time daily opening your heart to feeling the presence of Unconditional Love.  Since God is absolute love, and our True Self is a perfect expression of this love, we have intrinsic value and worth just by being alive.

God never judges.  God never retaliates.  God never criticizes.  God never believes any one of us is unworthy.  You are a true child of God and S/He accepts you in your totality, just as you are, right now.

Words from the past that tell you, or lead you to believe you are unworthy,  are simply ghosts of the past.  You can be whatever we want.  We are worthy... always.

In Light and Love,
Gary and Susan Eby

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Reflections on Spirituality

Spirituality Do you think there is a difference between spirituality and religion? Of course there are many remarkable and inspiring religions in the world.  Most religions proscribe a set of doctrines, dogma, and organized rituals designed to bring you in contact with the Divine. Whereas, spirituality sets you completely free to explore your own inner journey to God.

Susan and I are sharing our spiritual journey with you. We believe strongly that you are completely free to reject everything we say about the nature of Divinity. Our hunch is that since God expresses Infinite Good, Light, and Love, there are probably an infinite number of ways to experience your God-Connection.

For example, recently I was plagued with some perplexing and difficult situations.  It had to do with trying to control the nature and outcomes of some community groups with which I was participating. Despite all I did, all I prayed for, all that  I cajoled and recommended, I could not manifest the hopes, dreams, and goals I envisioned for these organizations.  This caused me a great deal of stress, frustration, worry, pressure, and angst.

Can you relate to having some pressure inside of you that hangs on and refuses to go away? There are probably an endless list of problems, challenges, and setbacks, right?

From a religious point of view, one solution might be to ask God to forgive me for my sins.  From a spiritual perspective, Susan recommend that I go within and set my self free by being kind, loving, gentle, and forgiving of myself.  Can you see the difference here?

I was forgiving myself for trying so hard to control things. It was a mistake, a very human one. I was truly sorry.  By loving myself unconditionally, I was able to surrender completely to Spirit and Divine Guidance.  Wow! I felt immediate relief.  I remain open today to new possibilities and all the different options that God will present.

Spirit is every where, all we need do is reach in and connect.  God is not outside of you or me.  We are already Divine Beings, always connected to the Father.

What works for us may not work for you. But if you are dissatisfied with trying one way to find joy, freedom from fear and useless anger, becoming a less critical and controlling person and following a serene and loving path, you might be willing to go on your own spiritual journey within.

For those of you interested in discovering more about the nature of spirituality here is wonderful resource for your to visit: Spirituality & Religion

Yours in Love and Light,
Gary and Susan Eby

Monday, September 12, 2016

Reflections on Trust

Hello Everyone,

Gary and I were staying at the beach for a while.  It was very healing.  Now we are refreshed and closer to Spirit than ever and happy to be back.

Today we felt we should do a little blog on Trust.  Trust is a big topic.  It takes a great deal of Trust to get through this life.  We learn to Trust (or not trust) people by the way they have treated us.  We usually don't trust people who have lied to us, hurt us physically, or betrayed us in some fashion.

So, how do we Trust God?  Some of us feel God is part of the problem.  They may feel that God is not there for them when their burdens get too heavy, when their finances change for the worse, that a relationship hasn't turned out.  Yes, some of us see God as a punisher.

Nothing could be further from the Truth.  God loves us unconditionally.  God is not some big man in the sky passing judgment on us.  He loves us all equally, and when we  begin to Trust the truth about Spirit, our lives begin to change for the positive.

It can seem overwhelming to think about us as Divine Beings, but we are manifestations of  Spirit.  Yes, we are totally connected to the Divine, and all we need do is Trust that this is true. 

We start with prayers and meditations.  We relax with deep breaths until we feel ourselves completely free of this world.  While in prayer, we bring our worries and problems to God, and during meditation, we listen for God's still, small voice, which will gently point us in the direction we must go.

Trust is the beginning of it all.  We must Trust our Divine Source and follow His/Her direction.  Once we begin to Trust in Spirit our lives will get better.  They really do.  Tensions are relieved at home and at work.  People start responding to us differently (not because they have changed, but because we have changed).  Our finances take a turn for the better.  This all comes from Trusting in Spirit.  God will lead us through any obstacles we may face... when we let Divine Source into our lives.

Blessings on All of You!
Gary and Susan Eby

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Reflections on the Open Heart

Could it be that the solution to all our personal and world problems is to simply love ourselves unconditionally?

Imagine for a moment releasing all negative thoughts, concerns, and stressful emotions you might hold about yourself today. You know what we mean? At times we don't like the way we look; we feel like we aren't successful enough; we aren't intelligent enough; we are just not good enough. But for now, in this moment of reflection,  we invite you to let go of  all that one might call self-criticisms, and that harmful syndrome of 'beating yourself up.'

Take in a few deep breaths: hold the air in for three seconds and gradually release it for six. Do this several times until you feel more relaxed. Next, place your hand over your heart. Can you feel the warmth and the energy flowing from your hand to your heart? Now affirm with us: "I totally love and appreciate myself even though I have some stress today; and I release all of it to God. " Shift to visualizing a state of being deep within your heart where you love all your parts: your mind, body, heart, and soul. Even let yourself smile. Yeah; that's right. Smile... Stay there in this peaceful place of Unconditional Love where God dwells with your True Self. Now, slowly come back to your surroundings.

Most of us would agree that God, or Spirit, or your Higher Power personifies Absolute Love. It follows that we are perfect expressions of God's Love, since God created us in his image and likeness. This means we are loved and cherished forever just the way we are today. Furthermore, we are One with all our brothers and sisters on this planet who share the same God-Connection of Light and Love.

When you feel and experience this Truth, you are set free to become all that you are meant to be. Since we are all One, there is no longer any need, desire, interest, or compulsion to hurt ourselves or others. And as the song "Imagine" goes: "And the World can live as One."

So yes, the solution to everything is to love ourselves, our neighbors, and Spirit unconditionally as Jesus said, " with all our mind, heart, soul, and strength!"

Sending out a beacon of Light and Love to you today.

Gary and Susan Eby

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Reflections on Holding onto the Past

Do you hold onto your past?  Are you still angry that you come from a broken home, an abusive home, or a home that kept secrets?  This may very well be the 'dark side' (negative side) of your life.
When we start to let go of the 'dark side' our life will change.

What do you think would happen if you let go of the sorrows of the past?  Do you think you would be free... free in your mind, heart, and body.  The answer is a big YES.  But, how do we do this?

Firstly, we truly feel the past.  We feel the pain that we've carried around for so long.  You may wish to share your thoughts with a trusted friend, counselor, or minister.  Ultimately, you share your story with God.  (God already knows, but we tell Him anyway.)  All of this is to remember your past, and, now to release the past.

Secondly, you must forgive yourself.  I say nine times out of ten we forget this important step.  We must work to forgive ourselves.  Forgiving ourselves frees us to forgive the ones who have harmed us in someway.  To pardon others, we take our 'dark secrets' into a place that is free of all worry, pain and sadness.  We take these feelings to God.  God will take our burdens.  God will help us forgive.

Being human it is hard sometimes to forgive; everyone struggles with it, so it's difficult to let go.  However, God works through us to help us forgive.  He is the only power in the universe, and He permeates all of us, whether we realize it or not. 

God is all good and knows we are perfect in our heart.  He created us this way.  For God, there is no need to forgive... there is no negativity, only perfection.  We aren't perfect, but we can call on His ever-present Love to clear out the negativity of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The final step is forgiving others.  This may seem impossible, but it is not.  Co-creating with God, we have a clear option.  Stay in our 'dark secret', or move into the Light of our Creator.  Forgiveness of others, even if it has been a horrendous act, can be forgiven.

We urge you to turn to God through meditation and prayer.  Ask Him to forgive you as a way to release your own will;  next ask Him to help you forgive others.  It will free you to be who He wants you to be in this world.  His beloved child... absolutely free of the past.

Stay in the Light,
Gary and Susan Eby

Friday, September 2, 2016

Reflections on Heaven Consciousness

Heaven Consciousness This is our first spiritual essay from our new book, "Reflections: A Journey to God". Feel free to ponder it and even read it out loud.

There is a special place in Brookings, Oregon by the Chetco River where Susan and I spent four glorious days. We rented a small, one-bedroom manufactured home with a wooden deck overlooking the Chetco.   Three hundred feet below us it rippled with dances of jade colors and bright  sun spots.  Villa Moliere, where we are staying, is nested up in the trees where verdant hilltop banks loom all around.  Brookings Harbor is also within a short walking distance to the rugged Oregon coast.

Surrounded by all this natural beauty we feel relaxed and free.  Meditation comes easily.   

We invite you to read about our experiences in Villa Moliere.  Inside your heart you can be as free as the wind.  Yes, this is a special place of heaven consciousness.  Let yourself rest in the following words, and see yourself in this God filled environment.

The outside deck faces the western horizon and we can actually see the ocean to our left. Ospreys, turkey-vultures, seagulls, and other water fowl glide and dive in mesmerizing formations over the river.

We have an amazing sense of living in a tree house. The wind is exhilarating. Trees dance and bend to its power. Life all around us is in constant motion.

As I stand out on the balcony and hold on to the wooden rails, the sun refracts the river into a thousand twinkling spirit lights. I breathe in the fresh air, and rejoice over the sun’s warmth on my face. It’s almost like I’m riding a giant Ferris wheel at a local country fair. My body feels suspended up in the deep blue sky. I don’t want the sensation of weightlessness to stop.

We have lots of time to appreciate the peace and solitude of these sights. Our days are spent leisurely walking the dogs down to the harbor, reading some good books, sampling the local sea food, and gazing at the rolling ocean waves. We have no worries here. It feels good to be alive with the palpable, conscious connection to the wind, trees, birds, sea, sky, within God's harmonious wonder world.

In this spirit of Oneness with all forms of life, we take great joy in exploring the kingdom within. I don’t know about you, but for me, nature and the majesty of the ocean reinforces my belief in feeling One inside with the Light of God. I affirm that all of us are perfect expressions of God’s Love. We believe we truly are beings of Light, from which radiates prosperity, love, healing, abundance, and eternal consciousness.

We are grateful for this sublime place of  serenity by the Chetco River and the sea. In my mind's eye, this delightful river often calls us back to that place within where we bask in the kingdom of heaven consciousness.

In our new book we will meet you there, in the tree house of windblown blue and green, where rivers sparkle, mighty oceans roar, and life surely abounds and is cherished.

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In peace and meditation.
We will be with you on your journey to God.

Peace and Blessings
Gary and Susan Eby.

More information on Reflections: A Journey to God: http://www.christianfaithpublishing.com/books/?book=reflections-a-journey-to-god

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Reflections on People You Meet on Your Journey

Susan did a talk on this subject and we decided to share it with you.  This talk can be found in our new book, which is going to be published by Christian Faith Publishing in about 6 months.  Our book is a collection of spiritual essays, that you can ponder at your leisure,  meditate on, or simply relax with the words and phrases that speak to you.  You may discover your pathway to Spirit.  This is our desire for you... to find the peace that is always within your heart.  Enjoy the talk!

The People We Meet Along Our Journey

There are three types of people we tend to draw into our lives, and they come into our lives for a reason.

I’m sure most of you have heard this:  Others exist to reflect something we think or feel about ourselves.  They’re mirrors. 

They start coming into our lives at a young age.  Usually in the form of parents, siblings, friends, teachers, etc.  Hopefully they reflect what we truly are at that tender age (and at our current age, whatever that may be):  A child of God, perfect and loved.  Sometimes this doesn’t happen.  Sometimes we are imprinted at that young age with fear, doubt, sadness, and at times, pain.

These are NOT reflections of us… they are the reflections of the people around us.  Being so young, we can’t tell the difference, but as we get older we can tell the difference.  These people are not reflecting us, they are reflecting themselves… their own fear, doubt, sadness and pain.

What is reflected to us from time to time are the negative emotions and feelings of others.  We can spend our lifetime trying to overcome these feelings.  But, there is a shortcut.  We call it God.  God the shortcut.  (No, Gary, not God the short cake, God the shortcut.)  And, Jesus is the conduit through which we can see ourselves as we truly are:  All the love, all the peace , all the vibrancy, all the comfort, and all the joy we can hold  (and it’s a lot) comes from God through our Christ self.  This is one mirror we can absolutely trust.

Then we have the mirrors that truly reflect who we are.  People we connect with as soon as we meet them.  They think and feel about themselves the way we think and feel about ourselves.  Look around this church and you will see of them.  This is because the Christ within us recognizes the Christ within them.  The Christ within me sees the Christ within you.

Every so often, we run into people who seem to be the exact opposite from us.  They may be angry, stingy, hurtful, snobbish, critical or putting out other vibes of negativity. Are they reflecting something we feel or think about ourselves?  We have to be honest and actually look at ourselves.  Do we get angry easily or often, do we hoard our prosperity, do we hurt others with our words, are we snobbish or critical? 

At times I think we are like this, but we can’t see it.  That’s why someone mirrors it to us.  And, these types of people will keep coming into our lives until we ‘get’ it.

There’s a flip side to this.  As Christ Beings, we reveal the Christ within to other people.  Our unconditional love, our patience, our compassion, our peace.  Yes,  we are mirrors, too.  We send out the positive energy to others, so that they may see it in themselves.  We are beacons of light.  Look around again and see this energy in others.  It’s there.  You feel it and you know it.  How do you feel it and know it?  Because we live in Christ consciousness. We try and live in Christ consciousness.  It’s kind of difficult to stay in that place especially when we are confronted by someone who lives in fear, anger, negative thinking and judgment.  But this is our opportunity as Children of God to reflect to them the truth of who they are.  Children of God… that’s right.

Being a mirror to others isn’t always easy.  Sometimes we don’t feel worthy, or are not sure how to handle these types of people.  But, if we are vigilant and connected to our Christ self we can’t help but reflect these positive qualities to the ‘mirrors’ we meet.

Look at John the Baptist.  When he met Jesus he said, “You should be baptizing me!”  Jesus was acting like a mirror to John, but John couldn’t see his Christ self looking at back at him.  He only thought of how unworthy he felt to baptize Jesus.  But, Jesus insisted and John capitulated.  Perhaps at that moment, when John said, “Yes, I will”, he saw himself in Jesus.  He saw his own Christ presence.  He felt peace and love, not just for Jesus, but for himself.  Isn’t that wonderful?   Isn’t that magnificent… as Gary would say? 

So, remember you are a mirror, too.  And, pay attention to who comes into your life, even for a short time, because they could be mirroring something to you.

The second type of person we gather into our lives are people who give us the gift of information or insight.

We have to be vigilant here, too.  We need to keep our eyes and ears open to these gifts.  It’s easier to see these offerings coming from people we love or people who believe what we believe; more difficult to see in everyday people we briefly meet during our day.

These gifts are usually priceless.  The gift of information or insight guides us along our journey.  It is most often the Christ speaking through other people straight to our heart.  This information or insight, or even coincidences or a nudge are invaluable.

In Karen L. King’s book, the Gospel of Mary of Magdala (Jesus and the first woman apostle), Mary gives comfort to the disciples after Jesus has passed.  The disciples are distraught and concerned for their own well being. Mary explains to them what has actually happened to Jesus after he died:

Ms. King says, “The Gospel of Mary focuses… on Jesus as a teacher and mediator of divine revelation.  The Savior teaches that at death, the human body dissolves into the elements…only the spiritual soul is immortal and lives forever.  This knowledge, she goes on to say, “leads people to discover the truth about themselves – that they are spiritual beings made in the Image of God”.  “There is no hell or eternal punishment in the Gospel of Mary’s teachings, for God is not conceived as a wrathful ruler or judge, but is simply the Good”.

Important information for a lot of deserving people, wouldn’t you agree?  We, at Unity, understand this, but many people do not.  This is a gift of information or insight we sometimes share with other people when we are nudged by God to do so.  Unity people do not proselytize.  We realize everyone is on their own spiritual path, and we honor that.

On the other hand, we need to be willing to hear what others have to say about God.  Sometimes we can find a precious nugget of truth in what they believe.  It is a piece of insight that we may need to continue on our own spiritual path.

I have friends who are Catholic, agnostic, Presbyterian and Baptist.  They usually feel free in giving me information on how they view God and religion… or don’t.  These friends I am thinking of are wonderful people… loving, generous, usually happy, but they can also be full of fear and worry.  I gently remind them that God loves them, and they can overcome any obstacle if they just turn it over to God.  They usually understand this, but several of them have the fear that they are being judged by God.  I tell them again that God is a loving God and does not judge. 

This is usually how far I go.  If I start to talk about God as Principle, or the Christ within, they get funny looks on their faces or their eyes glaze over.  However, I do have friends who listen and have been enlightened.  I have passed along information or insight.

We also pass along information and insight by the way we live our lives.  Don’t you find, when you are truly living from the Christ within, people are attracted to you, and want to know why you are so joyful?  When people ask me, I truthfully and simply tell them.  I am a child of God and I am filled with the love and perfect peace of God.  I claim who I truly am, and pass it on.  Sometimes, just this little bit of information causes an insight for that person and they want to know more.  Other times people will just turn away.  They think it’s either too easy or too hard to live life as we do.  But, for those who listen, understanding will begin. They have connected to our Christ Light even tho they may not know this has happened.  But, we know, don’t we?

So it is important to pay attention for insights and information we receive from others.  It can change our lives… or it can change someone else’s when we are the informer.  It is our wonderful responsibility to live our lives with delight and have people ask how we can be so serene in such a troubled world. We can because we see the Christ in everyone we meet.  Even our mirrors.

The third type of person we meet is here to set something in motion or to support us.

For me, one of these people has been my beloved Gary.  I’ve also had many teachers who have prompted me to reach for my goals.  Reverend Marcia supports and guides me, and continues to be a lovely Christ light in my life.  Other people have done the same for me.

These third persons are our teachers and our greatest teacher is Jesus.  Jesus teaches us to heal, love, laugh.  He shows us gratitude and humility.  Jesus teaches us about God and the spark of divinity in all of us – the Christ self.

Jesus teaches humanity, compassion, trust.  That the kingdom is within and the Father and I are one.  Jesus teaches us the truth.

Teachers set our minds and hearts into motion.  We move from one level of understanding to the next; where we meet our new teachers.  They support us and nurture us.  They love us and guide us.

Teachers respect us and acknowledge what we have learned thus far.  We emulate them, or wish to, but often our spiritual path leads us away from this type of imitation, for we must become our true self, and our true self is new and special and always unfolding.

Teachers set in motion our futures, or perhaps, just the next few moments of our lives.  Teachers don’t have to be around for a long time for us to get their lesson.  Learning comes quite naturally to us when we remain open.

Who set something in motion for you?  Your parents perhaps?  Did they set in motion and support your abilities to love, be generous and kind to others?  What of a friend, sibling or spouse.  What of a teacher or minister. 

When you look back at your life the teachers clearly stand out.  We may remember the people who have mirrored us, and we may be grateful to those who bring us gifts of insight, but it is the teachers we love the most, for they loved us.  And, it’s a pure love.  A Christ love.  It says, “Come with me and let’s explore our innermost self… this is what I have learned for me, this is what I have discovered.”  And we soak it up, don’t we? Like a sponge.

I know I’ve learned a lot from my sister, my children and grandchildren.  My sister supports me no matter what the circumstances of our relationship may be at the time.  My children and grandchildren have taught me undying love and devotion and healing.  Even when they may have made things difficult at the time, they set into motion my abilities to be patient, kind and willing.  Willing to try rollerblading… no, not really.  And these special people, plus many, many others have supported me in my goal to love and understand myself better.

And, do you know where my greatest support comes from?  That’s right… GOD.  Because He is the one who set my life into motion and continually supports me.  He has done the same for you and you and you.  All of us.

God set everything into motion and supports us.  He is also our mirror and has given us the gift of insight.  We meet God wherever we go – wherever we are – whomever we are with.  Pay attention to other people for they embody God.  Stay in the moment so nothing passes you by.

God is the ultimate reflection of ourselves, for we are always connected toGod.

And so it is.

Blessings in All Ways, and always...
Gary and Susan Eby