Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Reflections on Meditation

What do you think when you hear about meditation? Some say prayer in talking with God, and meditation is listening to God.

Meditation is not easy to do. It takes commitment, time, and practice. However, it's well worth the effort. There are many different forms of meditation. We do not advocate any particular type.

Our most often form of meditation is to get quiet through gentle breathing (three deep breaths in; three deep breaths out).  This helps center us and prepares us for feeling the presence of Spirit. When we feel our bodies relax (sometimes we might have to do more than three breaths), we consciously surrender to our heart center. We believe  the heart is the gateway to the soul.

Once we are totally relaxed with an open heart, we might recite several affirmations.  Susan's favorite is, "I AM a child of God, filled and surrounded by the perfect peace of God." Gary uses a variety of positive thoughts which include the following: "God is my life and I AM a perfect expression of His Love; I AM always at One with the Power and Presence of Infinite Spirit, and I open my heart to feeling the presence of unconditional Peace and Joy."

We allow these words to permeate our total being. Once we feel the Infinite Presence, we listen for that still small voice which always gives us guidance and direction in our lives. Sometimes for various reasons we don't get answers immediately, but if we continue to trust God, stay in the moment, and surrender to His will.  The answers do come. Often we find the answers outside of ourselves. For instance, a stranger in a doctor's waiting office may tell us a short story about their life, which touches us and reveals the answer we have been seeking. This is why it is so important to be aware of other people, nature, situations, and experiences that can produce divine revelations.

 At some point in our meditation process, we let go of all words, and simply merge into the Silence.

It's important to remember that all of this takes practice. You can start with mini-meditations consisting of a few minutes, and gradually build on this. Your goal every day is to breathe deeply, relax, and notice the essence of Spirit around you. When this clicks, you will experience a powerful shift in your life.

In Peace and Love always,
Gary and Susan Eby

(We hope you enjoy the following meditation. The name of this video is "Inner Peace".)

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