Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reflections on Worthiness

Good Morning!

Today we're going to give you our ideas about worthiness.

Many of us don't feel we deserve good things in our lives.  We often feel down and depressed.  Where do these feelings of worthiness come from?  Usually it starts in childhood.  A parent, a teacher, a relative, for example, might say something or do something that starts this chain of feeling unworthy.

You also might feel bad about yourself when you fall short on accomplishing a goal or a project.  For example, maybe your dream of becoming a supervisor at your job, or becoming a teacher, or becoming a writer, or a musician, is not realized.  The list can go on and on. You may be concerned regarding your body image, or your physical attractiveness, relationships, or depression. If you do 'fail' (in whatever goal you are trying to accomplish) you beat yourself up and tell yourself you just weren't worthy of accomplishing your goals.

You never fail.  You are always good enough.  What truly happens is that God continues to guide you to a better path.  As Divine Beings, a part of God, we need to realize the unlimited opportunities God provides.

Perhaps God needs you to be something else in this world.  Maybe a doctor, or a minister, or a dancer or singer... again the list can go on and on.  As far as the more personal things (attractiveness, relationships, etc.) God doesn't care.  You are as S/He created you.  You are love, you are light, you are unlike anyone else in this world, and you are perfect.  This is what God sees... His own perfection.

You have a right to be happy in this moment of time.  Just open your mind and heart to discover what brings you joy. 

Through meditation, we can listen to our inner voice, which guides us to what God needs us to be in this life.  What do you really want to do in your life?  What calls to your heart?  It could be something simple, or something more complex, but you are always connected to your Higher Self, your God self, and you can discover what God needs of you. 

Most importantly you can spend time daily opening your heart to feeling the presence of Unconditional Love.  Since God is absolute love, and our True Self is a perfect expression of this love, we have intrinsic value and worth just by being alive.

God never judges.  God never retaliates.  God never criticizes.  God never believes any one of us is unworthy.  You are a true child of God and S/He accepts you in your totality, just as you are, right now.

Words from the past that tell you, or lead you to believe you are unworthy,  are simply ghosts of the past.  You can be whatever we want.  We are worthy... always.

In Light and Love,
Gary and Susan Eby

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