Monday, September 5, 2016

Reflections on Holding onto the Past

Do you hold onto your past?  Are you still angry that you come from a broken home, an abusive home, or a home that kept secrets?  This may very well be the 'dark side' (negative side) of your life.
When we start to let go of the 'dark side' our life will change.

What do you think would happen if you let go of the sorrows of the past?  Do you think you would be free... free in your mind, heart, and body.  The answer is a big YES.  But, how do we do this?

Firstly, we truly feel the past.  We feel the pain that we've carried around for so long.  You may wish to share your thoughts with a trusted friend, counselor, or minister.  Ultimately, you share your story with God.  (God already knows, but we tell Him anyway.)  All of this is to remember your past, and, now to release the past.

Secondly, you must forgive yourself.  I say nine times out of ten we forget this important step.  We must work to forgive ourselves.  Forgiving ourselves frees us to forgive the ones who have harmed us in someway.  To pardon others, we take our 'dark secrets' into a place that is free of all worry, pain and sadness.  We take these feelings to God.  God will take our burdens.  God will help us forgive.

Being human it is hard sometimes to forgive; everyone struggles with it, so it's difficult to let go.  However, God works through us to help us forgive.  He is the only power in the universe, and He permeates all of us, whether we realize it or not. 

God is all good and knows we are perfect in our heart.  He created us this way.  For God, there is no need to forgive... there is no negativity, only perfection.  We aren't perfect, but we can call on His ever-present Love to clear out the negativity of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The final step is forgiving others.  This may seem impossible, but it is not.  Co-creating with God, we have a clear option.  Stay in our 'dark secret', or move into the Light of our Creator.  Forgiveness of others, even if it has been a horrendous act, can be forgiven.

We urge you to turn to God through meditation and prayer.  Ask Him to forgive you as a way to release your own will;  next ask Him to help you forgive others.  It will free you to be who He wants you to be in this world.  His beloved child... absolutely free of the past.

Stay in the Light,
Gary and Susan Eby

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