Monday, September 12, 2016

Reflections on Trust

Hello Everyone,

Gary and I were staying at the beach for a while.  It was very healing.  Now we are refreshed and closer to Spirit than ever and happy to be back.

Today we felt we should do a little blog on Trust.  Trust is a big topic.  It takes a great deal of Trust to get through this life.  We learn to Trust (or not trust) people by the way they have treated us.  We usually don't trust people who have lied to us, hurt us physically, or betrayed us in some fashion.

So, how do we Trust God?  Some of us feel God is part of the problem.  They may feel that God is not there for them when their burdens get too heavy, when their finances change for the worse, that a relationship hasn't turned out.  Yes, some of us see God as a punisher.

Nothing could be further from the Truth.  God loves us unconditionally.  God is not some big man in the sky passing judgment on us.  He loves us all equally, and when we  begin to Trust the truth about Spirit, our lives begin to change for the positive.

It can seem overwhelming to think about us as Divine Beings, but we are manifestations of  Spirit.  Yes, we are totally connected to the Divine, and all we need do is Trust that this is true. 

We start with prayers and meditations.  We relax with deep breaths until we feel ourselves completely free of this world.  While in prayer, we bring our worries and problems to God, and during meditation, we listen for God's still, small voice, which will gently point us in the direction we must go.

Trust is the beginning of it all.  We must Trust our Divine Source and follow His/Her direction.  Once we begin to Trust in Spirit our lives will get better.  They really do.  Tensions are relieved at home and at work.  People start responding to us differently (not because they have changed, but because we have changed).  Our finances take a turn for the better.  This all comes from Trusting in Spirit.  God will lead us through any obstacles we may face... when we let Divine Source into our lives.

Blessings on All of You!
Gary and Susan Eby

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