Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reflections on Faith

Hello Everybody,

Faith comes in different forms. For instance, people talk about blind faith. To us this means that someone accepts a religious point of view without question. 

Gary and I have discovered a way to experience faith by going within.  This works for us.  It may not work for you.  Not because you fail, but because you may be hesitant  to walk a different path.  As we have said before, there is no 'right way' to find Spirit.  However, we do encourage you to try prayer and meditation with an open mind and open heart.

For us, prayer and meditation are simply a part of our everyday living.  We don't pray for 'things', we pray for healing, or abundance, or for a friend that's having a tough time.  Our prayers come from the heart.  We speak to God in a positive way, such as:  I AM a child of God, and I do not inherit illness.  This is an affirmative prayer that was often spoken by Myrtle and Charles Fillmore (the founders of Unity).  We use affirmative prayers to express our gratitude for all that we do have... thanking Spirit for our new day.  We trust He will provide for us and keep us safe.  He will meet all of our needs.

We meditate to hear what God is telling us, and do our best to try and follow his directions.  His observations never lead us down the wrong path (except when our ego gets in the way). 

For instance, we had a neighbor who was very controlling and devisive.  It was hard to forgive him, as we have been told to do by the Way Shower, Jesus Christ.  We tried to forgive him, and in some moments we felt the forgiveness, but we often took it back.  This is not unusual.  So, we had to continue to forgive him, and ourselves, for feeling so much conflict.  We allowed him to be who he was while maintaining our own balance and self esteem. 

We followed the path God set before us... stepping out in faith to accomplish peace without giving up our core values.

One might ask after reading our thoughts about faith, if we have faith in Jesus Christ. Of course we have faith in all that is Divine. Jesus often stated, "I can do nothing of myself; it's the Father within that does the works." 

Jesus had phenomenal faith. He was continuously connected to the Divine. He often went off by himself to pray and mediate and discover his Divine Guidance.  We believe in  all of Jesus' invaluable teachings and the beautiful examples he set through his perfect faith in the Father.

There were times Jesus didn't want to follow the path God had set out for him. But because his faith was so strong he was able to surrender his will and be about his Father's business. Jesus is a perfect example of faith based upon a deep understanding of our connection to the Divine.

There have been many prophets, sages, and incredible spiritual leaders throughout time. We will be talking about this in a future blog.

Yours in Faith,
Gary and Susan Eby

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