Saturday, September 17, 2016

Reflections on Emotions

Our emotions are with us constantly. It seems like there is no getting away from them. Many times these emotions and feelings are negative. For example, 'I can't do it', 'I am no good', 'Why was I ever born?', 'There is nothing good in my life'.

Do any of these thoughts haunt you? It seems even when you are in a good place, these thoughts can permeate your mind. When we hold on to thoughts like these we wallow in depression, despair, anger, frustration, guilt, and emotional pain. Because we are feeling like this and don't know how to turn them around, we strike out at other people, often misinterpreting what they say in an attempt to help.  You ignore the natural beauty around you.  You sulk. What can you do to fight the forces of your negative state of mind?

Some  simply ignore the negative emotions, hoping they will just go away. Sometimes people obsessed with these negative thoughts turn to drugs, alcohol, food, inappropriate sex, gambling, and other harmful addictions.

You might  try the power of positive thinking. Obviously our thoughts do have an impact on our emotions. If we change the thoughts we can help relieve the emotions. However, just thinking positive doesn't necessarily lift you from a deep depression. Also, if you are reliving significant resentments about past experiences, just saying you will be happy today may not be enough to set you free.

You can always turn to your faith. This is why Susan and I  have been recommending prayer and meditation.  It doesn't replace your faith, it strengthens it. First a few deep breaths will slow things down. This puts us in the moment. Centers us. It doesn't take a long time to get yourself centered. You don't have to go into a deep and involved meditation. All you need at this point is to breathe.

After you feel you body calm down along with your mind and heart, you see the situation clearly. Your stressful emotions begin to subside.  You start to connect to Spirit and you let the positive energy of God permeate your being. If you truly practice this simple system, you will find  your negative feelings and thoughts evaporate.

You can also say a short affirmative prayer: such as, I AM worthy; I AM good; I can accomplish my goals; I AM a child of God, perfect in every way right now. These little prayers are very powerful. They can change your perception in an instant if you are open to them.

For this process to work effectively, it requires you to surrender, and have faith that God will take care of all.

This is not easy to do when you are in turmoil. It needs daily practice. When you feel calmer, it's wise to reach out for help. There are many ways to do this.

Most of us turn to a friend or family member for help. But sometimes this isn't possible. Your minister, doctor, or therapist can all be useful in this process.  You can ever go online to find groups that meet your needs.  If you still find yourself suffering, you can find many useful  books.

We urge you to try this process at least once during your day. You find it easier and easier to accomplish a peaceful state of being. We are more than our thoughts and emotions. We are Divine Children of God always connected the Source of  Good.

Yours in faith, understanding, and love,
Gary and Susan Eby.

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