Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Reflections on the Open Heart

Could it be that the solution to all our personal and world problems is to simply love ourselves unconditionally?

Imagine for a moment releasing all negative thoughts, concerns, and stressful emotions you might hold about yourself today. You know what we mean? At times we don't like the way we look; we feel like we aren't successful enough; we aren't intelligent enough; we are just not good enough. But for now, in this moment of reflection,  we invite you to let go of  all that one might call self-criticisms, and that harmful syndrome of 'beating yourself up.'

Take in a few deep breaths: hold the air in for three seconds and gradually release it for six. Do this several times until you feel more relaxed. Next, place your hand over your heart. Can you feel the warmth and the energy flowing from your hand to your heart? Now affirm with us: "I totally love and appreciate myself even though I have some stress today; and I release all of it to God. " Shift to visualizing a state of being deep within your heart where you love all your parts: your mind, body, heart, and soul. Even let yourself smile. Yeah; that's right. Smile... Stay there in this peaceful place of Unconditional Love where God dwells with your True Self. Now, slowly come back to your surroundings.

Most of us would agree that God, or Spirit, or your Higher Power personifies Absolute Love. It follows that we are perfect expressions of God's Love, since God created us in his image and likeness. This means we are loved and cherished forever just the way we are today. Furthermore, we are One with all our brothers and sisters on this planet who share the same God-Connection of Light and Love.

When you feel and experience this Truth, you are set free to become all that you are meant to be. Since we are all One, there is no longer any need, desire, interest, or compulsion to hurt ourselves or others. And as the song "Imagine" goes: "And the World can live as One."

So yes, the solution to everything is to love ourselves, our neighbors, and Spirit unconditionally as Jesus said, " with all our mind, heart, soul, and strength!"

Sending out a beacon of Light and Love to you today.

Gary and Susan Eby

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  1. Yes, release negativity into the silence/heart feeling, but we don't try. Visualization is using the brain, and we must only feel, feel, feel the beauty of our hearts. Surrender to God's Love is all we ever have to do. Don't let us try to do anything. Just let go. What does your Heart say to this 'not trying'? Heart smiles to all.

  2. Excellent points. Thanks for posting. Blessings, Gary and Susan!