Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Reflections on Innocence

Hello Everybody!  Today Gary and I thought we'd blog about Innocence... what it is and where it takes us.

Innocence is purity.  It is us completely wrapped up in God, knowing He is always there.  Even though we may be too young to speak the words (or, for that matter, too old), we feel that Loving Spirit guiding and protecting us.  Purity is joy.  Purity is a joyful life lived to the fullest, unafraid of what's around the next corner, because we know, whatever it is, we will have the tools to handle it (be it prayer, meditation, love, gratitude, forgiveness, surrender, etc.)

Sometimes we make our lives just too complicated.  Our cognitive mind and analytical mind, along with ego, can convince us we are separated from Spirit.  Remember what Jesus said about innocence in Matthew 19:14 "...but Jesus said, "Let the children come to Me, and do not hinder them!  For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  (Seemed He was pretty adamant about it, doesn't it?)

So what does this mean for us.  First of all I'd have to say, even though we feel we've lost our innocence, we haven't.  How often have you marveled the flight of a dove?  Or the true joy a baby expresses when  you smile at him or her?  How many times do you celebrate just feeling good?

You are expressing your innocence during these times.  Often, however, we hold back on what we want to do to express our joy.  I have often told people, "You have such a pretty smile!"  I can see the joy come into their face.  They are in their innocence.  Or, I compliment someone on their clothes, or cologne, or how well they take care of their pets.  I, too, along with this person am sharing innocence.

It's these little things that bring joy to us and those around us.  It is the innocence of a baby trying to feed herself for the first time, or trying to walk.

It always seems new, because it usually surprises us.  A neighbor's cat curls up in our lap while we are there for a visit.  We feel the cat's heat and her heart beating.  And, this cat had never paid any attention to us at all!  Our innocence brings us joy.  Or how about opening the front door getting ready to take the dogs for a walk expecting rain, only to see a beautiful rainbow. 

Innocence is all around and in us.  We just have to be watchful and present not to miss these moments.  They teach us wholeness and love.  They teach us that God is ever present, and it is His great joy to give us these innocent and beautiful moments.

In Love and Innocence,
Gary and Susan Eby

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