Thursday, October 6, 2016

Reflections on Diversity

Each of us is different.  Each of us speaks, moves, looks and sounds differently.  The reason for this is that each of us is a spark of Divine Mind.  We reflect these differences, because God needs us to.

God is in all and everything... sunsets, rainstorms, and other natural experiences we have.  God is even in inanimate  objects.  God is in us.  God moves through us at every moments, however we don't often feel it.  We are disconnected.  Being too trapped in our day to day living, we rarely take the time for prayer and meditation, which brings us instantly to God.  (I'd like to say here that meditations don't have to take a long time.  For instance,  Jim Lee, a Unity minister in Detroit, speaks about the 10 second meditation:  He says to breathe in, close your eyes and relax; think about something that gives you true joy and makes you smile.  Harmony is in this moment and we begin to find clarity.  Rev. Lee says you will be renewed and refreshed and totally connected to Source, ready to go about your day.)

When we are connected to God we understand the diversity of all things, especially people.  We understand since God is working through us (not against us) that we can easily tap into all of His grace and love.  We pass on these qualities to others. 

Here's what we do know:  Political, economic, religious and cultural systems have not brought us closer together.  Unfortunately they separate us into different camps.

We believe it is time for a shift in consciousness.  Since we are one with the Father, we are connected to each other and all forms of life on the planet.

Let's celebrate our diversity, keeping in mind that together we can do amazing things.  Such as putting love into action, healing our hearts and minds, being grateful, accepting abundance with an appreciative heart, and beginning to see and know that everyone we come to meet is but a part of our self, part of the whole.

You might ask yourself, "so how do we work together for the common good given all our diversities?"  Come join us and participate in the Global Oneness Day Summit on October 24th. Check out this link to register for this amazing and free program that can bring us all together. It will be an wonderful opportunity to make that shift in Consciousness. For we are all One. Global Oneness Day Summit 20

In Oneness, Beauty, and Light,
Gary and Susan Eby

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