Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Reflections on Consciousness

Hello Everyone... No... we haven't been here everyday, but we get here when we can.  Glad to see you haven't given up on us!

Today we're going to write about the levels of consciousness.  These are our interpretations of consciousness written about in Jack Ensign Addington's book: "The Hidden Mystery of the Bible".

Mr. Addington speaks about the three levels of consciousness people move through as they grow spiritually. He uses Bible stories to make his case. 

The first stage is the physical.  As children we need to rely on others to feed us, clothe us, take care of us.  As we grow older we become capable of taking care of our needs independently.  Eventually we grow up and move out of our parents' house and into a brave, new world.

But, some people get stuck in this physical realm.  They feel incapable of taking care of themselves.  They cling to the past when everthing was done for them.  Perhaps, the people around this person gets some sort of satisfaction by meeting all of this person's needs.

This person is stuck in the physical.  Even those who do move on (as society expects) can get stuck in this material world.  For these people (and a lot of people do get stuck in this place) the physical means everything.  The biggest house, the most beautiful or most handsome spouse, the better, higher paying job.  They chase the all mighty dollar and it consumes them.  "How", they may wonder, "can I get more"?

Eventually their physical space doesn't seem to fit too well.  They become restless, maybe they move to another house, or get a divorce, or buy another car, but they are still not satisfied.  They realize they are feeling depressed, lost, angry... but, why?  Looking for answers they turn to the mind.

The may start reading books on self-help, or topics of the great literature in our world.  They may turn to ancient philosophers for answers, or church.  It is a restless time, but most continue through it.
They discover there are many things in this world they have yet to learn, and, so throw themselves enthusiastically into their new studies.

Some find what they need is church, but many are disappointed at what they find.  The books they read, including the Bible, start to reach their innermost thoughts.  They begin to think for themselves, realizing they are spiritual beings.

This is usually a great time of healing for people.  However, they will find themselves slipping between the physical and the mental parts of their being.  This is normal.  We all want to hang onto certain things (i.e. people, addictions, status, money).  And, we also are intrigued by the new world opening up to us through our mental capabilities.

We believe, the final stage of consciousness is the most wonderful and satisfying.  It is the mystical.  In the mystical stage there is no fear, because the connection between God and the person is complete.  God becomes everything.  The physical and mental realms are not nearly as important as this new and powerful relationship with God grows.

This doesn't mean we still don't vacillate between the physical, mental, and mystical realms.  This is because we are human as well as being divine beings.

Our point in writing this particular blog is to let you know wherever you find your self between these three states of consciousness, you are right where you are suppose to be.  Do not criticize or ridicule yourself.  Take  your consciousness to the highest realm you can reach right now and love and honor yourself.  Look how far we have come?

I didn't believe in God.  If He existed why would he let me suffer?  I've gone from hate and anger toward quite a few people, to love and forgiveness.  I could never have gotten there if I hadn't gone through these stages (a little raggedly to be sure, but I'm still trying to live in the mystic.)

Gary had a more intellectual relationship with God.  It slowly evolved into a deeper heart-centered experience of the Divine.

Gary and I believe in these three stages (along with many other beliefs).  The body, or physical self,  the mind, the thinking self, but most of all the Heart, where we will find true Joy and Harmony.  This is where we try to live our lives: Joy, Harmony, and Love.

We highly recommend Jack Ensign Addington's Book, "The Hidden Mystery of the Bible".

Also, for further discussion on this topic we would like to refer you to our essay on spirituality at this link.Reflections on Spirituality

Yours in Joy!
Gary and Susan Eby

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