Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Reflections: A Journey to God Published

Friends: Susan and I are pleased to announce the publication of Reflections: A Journey to God.  It is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. We really believe that this book and our services can help you make positive life changes. We hope you will receive warmly the message of hope, love, and healing we are sending you today.

Here is a brief synopsis: "If you are sincerely seeking Truth, Wisdom, and the Path of Purity, if you you are seeking answers as to why you are here, and if you are seeking to know God, our Creator, this book is for you. This book provides clear guidance, and takes us on the journey within the heart, providing the map that will lead us to Him.

The book is definitely a must read, again and again, hundred times, at least, and with each reading the heart will open and blossom with greater wisdom and understanding. And more will be revealed as the words in it are alive. These are words of Light. Complete joy and satisfaction are experienced.

Reflections: A Journey of God is a Grace that comes directly from the heart of One who knows all Things." (From our second book review @

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In addition, you can contact us at the Fiverr Icon on the top right of our blog for spiritual life coaching, counseling, and assistance. If you place a comment on this blog and state, "I am ready", we will gladly provide you (FREE) with three email coaching  sessions or a 30 minute complimentary phone session. How does that sound? 

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Sending you Peace, Light, Joy, and Love:  Gary and Susan Eby.

Feel free to contact us for signed copies or special rates on multiple book purchases. 

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