Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Dark Secret

Here's some spiritual life help from Reflections: A Journey to God: Why does adopting a positive attitude toward life seem impossible? There is a dark secret that tries to hold us back from all the good we so richly deserve. This essay is another excerpt from our spiritual book, Reflections: Journey to God.

We are born with the innate ability to overcome any human hardship whether it be social, emotional, mental, physical, or financial. But, each journey is a personal journey and not "one size fits all". That's why we encourage you to search in various places to find your spiritual truth, but we also believe the Truth is always found in your heart.

Year after year books are published promising happiness, joy, prosperity, love and health. We may read all of the books, or just a couple, but usually end up dissatisfied. The book we choose may be too esoteric; too fast on giving us a quick fix; too hard to follow; too far from what we're experiencing in our own life, or just too mysterious to understand. How do we get to the core of our issues? Here is what we believe is the essence of healing and understanding our Divine Self: 

A heart, mind, or body that holds onto a negative event (even held from many years past) unless changed, will continue to rule your life and true, permanent healing will not be forthcoming.

In this piece I will show you how to stop the negative so you can truly gather the positive.

With Joy, Light, Peace, and Love from Susan and Gary Eby.

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