Saturday, July 8, 2017

Zoom with the Authors

Gary and Susan will be zooming once a month (similar to Skype), on 4th Sunday of the month at 5:00 PM (Pacific Time). We hope you will consider joining us for this spiritual discussion. The cool thing is that it's live and face to face.

To Zoom, all you need is a camera (webcam/mike) hooked up to your computer. Go to for your free app if you don't have it yet.  Then press go to a meeting. The password is in our comment section listed below. Hope you will leave a comment or indicate some way for us to contact you.

We are excited about this new opportunity to meet with all of you. What do you think spirituality is all about? Susan and I can share some of the guide posts revealed in our new book, Reflections: A Journey to God. We will also happily answer any questions you might have.

If you need to get a hold of us before the meeting, you can email us at

Feel free to peruse this blog for more details about spirituality. Our first Zoom discussion was on 7-16 and it was a lot of fun. That's why we have decided to do this on a monthly basis.

(For more information about us please visit us @ Hometown Reads)  Hometown Reads Click

Last but not least, we thought you might enjoy this video about our book.  Just let the Light shine!

Blessings, Gary and Susan.


  1. Review from David: I wanted you to know that I really liked your book. I found myself at my walking path at 7am the next morning, choosing to sit on the bench and listen. I have passed by the bench hundreds of time. However, this time and every day since. I sit and listen. To the birds, to my neighborhood waking up, to the pump that fills the pond where many many varieties of birds come and make their homes, to the neighborhood cat whose name is Skid, to the people moving up and down the path. I'm just listening.

    "Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

  2. Friends Zoom with us in 15 minutes. Code: 622-630-8256. More info here:

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