Friday, July 14, 2017

A mystical Experience.

It's bittersweet thinking about returning home after these two peaceful days of being at the Best Western Motel, on the beach, in Brookings, Oregon. So many sea-smells, images, and sounds.

We had several gorgeous days of clear skies and warm sunshine. Can't forget the omnipresent, alluring rumble of the surf. I still hear the melodic clang from the off-shore buoys, and the heavenly, mixed bird-chorus that lifted our soul. Still see the shining, glittering, diamond lights refracting endlessly from the calm seas. They hypnotize my gaze along the infinite, blue horizon.

Susan says the air smells a little fishy. For me, I find the aroma pleasant as it instantly takes me to a zone of worries here. I look over the white and gray driftwood logs to the dazzling ocean view from our balcony slider windows. I open the sliders to let in the sea air and the gentle sounds of the surf. As I step outside, my whole body, heart, and spirit sways to the ocean scenery.

From my vantage point, a butterfly kite dances above in the wind. It makes sweet contact with another kite that looks like a strange, orange bird. Both of their tails and streamers shimmer with flashes of light projected from the ocean below.

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Peace, Joy, and Love: Gary and Susan Eby

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