Saturday, December 3, 2016

Reflections on Life Coaching Eby Way

Spiritual Blog entry: Enjoy this preview of my first self-help book, The Eby Way. It is your personal /spiritual life coach to experience emotional recovery, spiritual healing, relief from addictions, and advice on how to overcome any major problem. Just follow the four basic steps to a better life presented in the book. 

We can have a healthier, happier life if we are willing to control our negative side. However, this process poses significant challenges for us. Our social environment presents many obstacles and barriers to staying positive.

For example, America stands before us transfixed by the rhythm of automobile engines, entangled by wars of liberation and retaliation, surrounded by a haze of unnatural vapor and murky waters, mesmerized by the soothing images on color television sets and personal computers.

See the flashing lights: hear the wailing sirens of ambulances racing through our city streets to remove the bodies of children playing drug war games. Look at the women unsafe from attack while jogging in city parks or strolling through neighborhood parks or even office corridors. Youngsters are assaulted by gunman in schools, airport terminals, and McDonald restaurants. Robbers steal and prey on the unsuspecting in subway stations, private homes, or parking lots.

Meanwhile, numerous high school graduates can’t read or write, and many college graduates can’t find decent jobs; and it’s getting harder for them to survive every day. More of the clergy break their
vows and end up in court or prison. Half of all eligible voters in our country rarely vote.

Millions of Americans work hard but struggle to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, clothing and medical care. Thirty-four million Americans don’t have healthcare insurance. More than half of our bankruptcy claims are due to overwhelming healthcare costs; yet our political system passes laws to make filing Chapter 7 even more difficult.

In the last year alone, more than a million people have joined the ranks of the poor. The mentally ill and our homeless continue to overwhelm local social service networks. Medicaid and prison costs threaten the solvency of state governments.

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Peace, Joy, Light, Love:  Gary and Susan Eby

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