Friday, January 21, 2022

Help Save Our Democracy

 Yes we are both authors but we are very concerned about our American Democracy. 

I made this petition to make sure that our democracy will not die. Doesn't matter if you are a democrat, republican, independent or just a citizen because we are all in this together. 

I call upon the majority of Americans who love our country, constitution, and flag to speak out in favor of preserving our democratic values. These values include but are not limited to freedom, equality, justice, and fair elections where the will of the people determines who serves us in public office.

Let us also reject any attempt by governors, state legislatures, the United States Congress,  or even the Supreme Court to overturn our inalienable voting rights of “We the People.” All those who strive to conspire and engage in actions to restrict or suppress our voting rights are guilty of sedition and treason. They must be held accountable by the United States Department of Justice and by the 14th Amendment to our Constitution.

Moreover, I call upon the majority of Americans to speak out against the existential threat of man-made climate change and global warming. All elected officials who fail to pass legislation  to save our planet and our species must not be re-elected to serve in any public office.

I call upon all Americans to take a stand against hate, violence, prejudice, and threats to people who express their opinions or peacefully demonstrate according to our first amendment rights. Any threats or aggressive actions toward our fellow Americans, school boards, and our institutions must be prosecuted and held accountable by the laws of our land.

I also call upon the majority of Americans to refuse to be held captive by the tyranny of misinformation, lies, and propaganda by any news/social media organization. It’s time to embrace the facts, the guidance of science, and the importance of compliance with CDC recommendations to prevent future and devastating pandemics.

So, who am I? I am just a retired social worker and veteran of the United States Army. I love American Democracy. Will you stand with me and speak out?

 Check out Petition

Friday, August 13, 2021

Light Wave Services

 Our vision: To foster peace, joy, fun, love, prosperity, and healthy living.

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You deserve a better life today. Let me help you with this today.

Gary Eby, MSW/retired.
Joy on Your Journey

Friday, May 7, 2021

The Healing Journey


There are many powerful and spiritual ways to overcome problems. The meditation process I will share with you today helped me heal from a terrible breathing problem, which I contracted in December of 2020. Remember, there are stressful emotions and past issues that can interfere with healing or prevent manifesting all that you desire. I can help you create the better life you so deserve. Just contact me at

Begin:  Focus for a moment on one problem, challenge, or issue.

Now: Pay attention to your breathing. Relax. Breathe in deeply for three seconds; exhale for 6. Try to relax your mind and body.

Next: Claim your True Self. Silently repeat your own affirmations like I am Peace; I am joy; I am spiritual rather than just material.

Consult your Inner Positive Voice: Let yourself relax further. Ask: Dear Inner Voice, what’s the solution to my challenge today? (Remain open to any guidance your receive.)

Visualize:  See all that is Light and Love surrounding you. Breathe in the Love-Light. Surround your challenge with the Love-Light. Affirm: The Love-Light is handling my problem right now.

Let Go: Release the problem to the Universe, Your Higher Power, all that is Divine, sacred, and holy within in you and around you. Silently affirm: I relax into the healing process and I allow Spirit to take charge. Affirm: I remain open to being a channel for all that is Good, Peaceful, Joyful, Loving, Wise, and Healing.

Next: Activate positive emotions. I feel the Light. I feel the Love. I feel the warmth, heat, and healing power of the Divine right now.

Finally:  Demonstrate Truth with authority and gratitude. In the name of the Divine, all is well. I am healed; the problem is resolved. Thank You for all the good You bring into my mind, heart, body, and True Self. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Spend a few more moments in the Silence. Slowly return to your surroundings.  This “Healing Journey” is complete until the next time. Namaste.


Let's continue this healing journey with a conversation about "The Course in Miracles". We can do this face to face or via Zoom. More details on this video: 

Contact us via Medford Unity Meetup: Miracles

Friday, October 30, 2020

Pandemic Support Group/Heaven on Earth


We can get through the darkness with the Light.  Just check the video above for more information about our Pandemic Support Group. 

Our Unity Community will  sponsor this support group on the second Saturday of the month, at 12 Noon, PMT, right after our Drum Circle which begins at 11:00 AM. In consultation, with other members of our Unity Community, we have decided to combine the Pandemic Support Group with another approach we are calling the Heaven on Earth Discussion Group. Here's a video that explains this process.

For the Pandemic Support Group, the first half of the meeting will focus on venting stressful emotions about Covid, social unrest, the economic crisis, global warming, relationship issues, loneliness, depression, etc. The second half will shift to sharing positive coping skills and even some spiritual resources if you wish.

More information about our groups is available on Medford Unity Meetup:

We will comply with CDC guidelines to include wearing masks, using sanitizers, and social distancing.  If you are uncomfortable with an in-person event, please contact us for a Zoom link.  

We also hope that you might feel free to share your opinions and stressful emotions with us on this blog. We make a commitment to answer all comments.

Meanwhile, enjoy the more than 50 spiritual essays and free services on this blog, In addition, here is a link to free self-help downloads:  And additional helpful essays on Hub Pages:

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Spiritual Life Coaching

If you need help with anything, you can contact me at Fiverr:

Emotional Recovery Module Number 1

Updated on May 1, 2013

Honesty and Openness

There is a secret place in my mind's eye where Spirit soars like an eagle. In solitary flight, such consciousness floats beneath a backdrop sky of pale blue.
Thin, pink slivers of paint brush clouds glow pastel yellow and fire orange from the setting Sun.
Grey mountains loom majestically on the distant horizon. Still and polished ocean waters flow out from the mountain base, reflecting healing twilight.
As the tide recedes from an almost dark sandy beach, my vision connects me to the presence of Positive Power within.
I have devoted my whole professional career to helping people learn how to prevail over the negative side and expand their positive potential.
Do you suffer from problems with anxiety, anger, depression, mood swings, guilt, fear, stress, or problematic relationships?
Would you like to learn practical skills to defeat negative habits such as cigarettes, overeating, gambling, obsessive compulsive behaviors, low self-esteem, codependency, alcoholism, drug dependency, or other serious self-defeating behaviors?
Then take a few minutes today to ask me about  my Emotional Recovery system.
Dear friend, feel free to check out the more than 50 spiritual essays on this blog. Enjoy a reading of my spiritual self-help book: Reflections: A Journey to God.

My wife, Rev. Susan and I send you Peace, Joy, Healing, Abundance, Wisdom, and Love. Have a blessed week.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Unity of Medford: Prayer Vigil

Rev. Susan and I are continuing our DAILY "Prayer and Meditation Vigil" to find positive solutions to the corona virus, 11:00 AM Pacific time. We are asking you to join us in forming a collective consciousness according to your own spiritual process to claim the Truth. Sample:

Also we are open to holding a spiritual support group via Zoom on Monday nights called "From Panic to Peace."  If you are interested contact us at for the Zoom link.

You are completely free to form your own positive intention. Here is ours: In the name of the Divine (however you define your faith), we see, feel, and know the scientists, national and worldwide leaders, and all the brave healthcare professionals/first responders, are right now finding incredible ways to eliminate the corona virus. (We are saying this over and over each day).

We also understand that "The Power of 8" works. So, let's form "A Power of Thousands" in mind, heart, and spirit to eliminate the corona virus. We are free and unlimited. We are powerful spiritual beings. We refuse to let all that is negative create fear and disrupt our lives.

We see all of us surrounded by a field of Light and Love. Any type of negativity that comes in contact with our Spirit Shield is instantly healed and vaporized. Together we can do amazing things.

Our handle on Youtube is Unity of Medford where you can enjoy our other positive messages and videos. Also for fun and positive intentions join our Virtual Drum Circle on Zoom too. Again contact me for the Zoom link.

Get to know us better at 

Rev. Susan has a new email to provide you with prayers and spiritual support too:

Peace, Joy, Love, and Light to all. Rev. Susan and me

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Unity of Medford

Unity of Medford has reopened with social distancing, masks, and hand sanitizers.   More info Medford Unity Meetup

Unity is a worldwide movement of spiritual study and action. It honors the positive truths in all religions and respects each individual's right to choose a spiritual path. The foundation of our Unity Community is affirmative prayer, meditation, and Positive Power. We strive to create a better, healthier, more compassionate life for ourselves, this nation, and the world. When we change our thinking and discover our True Self within our Heart, we manifest Peace, Gratitude, Hope, Healing, Abundance, Wisdom, Creativity and Love.

Stay in touch with positive messages by Rev. Susan on Youtube, handle Unity of Medford.

Here is a brief schedule of the spiritual events available at Unity of Medford for September 2021:  (providing Covid positivity is at a safe level.)

Every Sunday:             11 AM to 12 PM, Unity Celebration Service (various speakers)

Second Sunday,
                                    Guided Meditation to True Self, 12:30 PM. (Lori Blake)

Every Wednesday,        11-12 PM, Silent Unity Prayer Group with (Rev. Susan)
                                      12-12:30 PM, Book Study, "Personal Insights" with (Rev. Susan)

 Second Thursday           11:00 AM, Local Unity International World Day of Prayer Service
                                       on Youtube, via Unity of Medford

 2nd Saturday                11-11:45 AM, Drum Circle (Gary Eby)

Last Sunday                   In-person or Zoom, "Updated Course of Miracles." 
                                            541-415-4918 for more info.

More information @

Blessings to all of you. Enjoy the more than 50 spiritual essays on this blog, which are all free. More essays here:  Get to know Rev. Susan and me better with the videos below. Namaste.

Also don't forget to check out our new project: "Love will Find a Way".